Monday, March 7, 2022

WI Republicans To Appeal Redistricting Case To U.S. Supreme Court

A day after Losing before Wisconsin’s High Court, Republicans detailed Plans to take their Redistricting Fight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A Divided State Supreme Court, Approved Election Maps Thursday, that were drawn by Gov. Tony Evers (D), but will let Republicans keep the upper hand in Races for the Legislature.

Now it’s up to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether to take the Case. If it doesn’t, the State Court’s ruling Maps will Stand.

The Republicans are basing their Appeal on how the Legislative Maps, in Milwaukee’s Black Neighborhoods, were Drawn.

Now, Six State Assembly Districts have a Black Majority. The New Maps would increase that number to Seven.

To do that, the New Districts have Black Majorities, that consist of just over 50% of the Population, smaller Majorities than the Six Existing Districts had.

The Republicans contend the way the Maps were drawn Violates the U.S. Constitution, and does Not comply with the Federal Voting Rights Act, which is meant to ensure Racial Minorities can pick Candidates of their Choice.

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