Monday, March 7, 2022

Targeting Trump Lawyers

A Dark Money Group, with ties to Democratic Party heavyweights, will spend millions this year to try to Disbar more than 100 Lawyers who worked on Trump’s Post-Election Lawsuits.

The 65 Project, plans to begin filing Complaints this week, and will air Ads in Battleground States.

It hopes to deter Right-Wing Legal talent, from signing on to any future GOP efforts to Overturn Elections, including the Midterms or 2024.

The Group takes its name from a Count of Lawsuits that sought to Invalidate the 2020 Election Results.

The Group is being advised by David Brock, who founded Media Matters for America, and the super PAC American Bridge 21st Century, and is a Hillary Clinton ally, and prolific Fundraiser for Democrats.

It plans to spend about $2.5 million in its First year, and will operate through an existing Nonprofit called Law Works

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