Tuesday, February 20, 2024

NV 2024 Voting Irregularity Exposed

What has been called a Glitch in Nevada’s Elections System, is being blamed for Voters being told they Cast Ballots in the State’s Presidential Primary, when they did Not.

The Nevada Republican Party said it was Informed by Voters, who did Not Vote that their Election Record said “mail ballot counted,”.

“In response to these alarming reports, the Nevada Republican Party legal team has taken swift action to address the situation,” the Party’s Statement said.

“The NVGOP is actively engaged in communication with the Secretary of State's Office to conduct a thorough investigation into these alleged irregularities. It is imperative that the integrity of the electoral process is upheld and that every legitimate vote is accurately accounted for,” the Statement said.

Republican Daphne Lee of Las Vegas, said She and Her Family’s Mail-in-Ballots were Counted in the Primary, even though None of them Voted.

She said that when she tried to Refuse future Mail-in-Ballots, the Computer system told Her she was Not Registered, and Her Voting History did Not exist.

“It’s just so frustrating,” Lee said. “This makes everyone uncomfortable.”

“We take these reports very seriously,” Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald said.

“The cornerstone of our Republic is the trust and confidence of the American people in the electoral process. Any indication of irregularities must be thoroughly investigated to ensure the integrity of our elections,” He said.

A Technical Issue was causing Primary Mail-in Ballots across Nevada, to show as Counted when Voters had Not Mailed their Ballots or Voted.

Several People reported though they never Voted-by-Mail or Voted in the Primary, But the State’s Online System showed differen t Information.

The Office of the Secretary of State said, there was a Problem in Data uploaded from Counties to the State Database.

“After working closely with Nevada’s county clerks, registrars, and their IT staff, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office is confident that all issues related to erroneous vote history have been identified and fixes are in progress,” a statement from the Nevada Secretary of State’s office said, according to KVVU-TV.

“The issue was as follows: On a nightly basis, each county uploads their voter registration data to the Secretary of State’s database, which executes code to create the single statewide voter registration file that users see when they log into vote.nv.gov," the Statement said.

"The legacy systems used by a number of the counties require additional steps be taken to ensure that voters who did not return their ballot do not have vote history; some of those steps were not taken, which resulted in inaccurate data,” the Statement said.

The Monday Statement said the Issue should be Resolved soon. The Statement said that although Voter Records were in Error, the Vote Totals from the Primary should Not be Impacted.

"Again, this is an error that relates to the code used for when a voter is sent a mail ballot and does not return it; it has no connection in any way to vote tabulation. The top-down Voter Registration and Election Management System (VREMS) project at the Secretary of State's office will go live prior to the June 2024 election, and remove the need for these outdated processes,” the Statement said.

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Putin Rrevoked Global Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, signed a Bill Revoking the Ratification of a Global Nuclear Test ban, a move that Moscow said was needed to establish Parity with the U.S.

Putin has said that Rescinding Ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), would “mirror” the stand taken by the U.S., which has Signed, but Not Ratified the Nuclear Test Ban.

Both Houses of the Russian Parliament Voted last month, to Revoke Moscow's Ratification of the Bill.

The CTBT, adopted in 1996, Bans All Nuclear Explosions anywhere in the World, but the Treaty was never fully Implemented.

In addition to the U.S., it has yet to be Ratified by: China, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, and North Korea.

There are widespread Concerns that Russia may Resume Nuclear Tests, to try to Discourage the West from continuing to offer Military Support to Ukraine.

Many Russian Hawks have spoken in favor of a Resumption of the Tests.

Putin has noted that some Experts, argue for the necessity of conducting Nuclear Tests, but said He had Not formed an Opinion on the Issue, until Now.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said last month, that Moscow would continue to Respect the Ban, and would Resume Nuclear Tests only if Washington did so First.

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Supreme Court Allows Sanctions Of Lawyers Who Challenged MiI 2020 Election

The Supreme Court on Tuesday, let stand Sanctions against Attorney Sidney Powell and other Lawyers, for Abusing the Ccourt System with Frivolous Challenges to President Biden’s 2020 Victory in Michigan.

Sidney Powell, the Lawyer who served on the Trump Campaign. Powell allegedly pushed Conspiracy Theories, that Dominion Voting Systems changed Votes from Trump to Biden.

The Court Rejected Appeals from Powell, Lin Wood, and Fve other Lawyers allied with Trump. It did Not offer any Comments on why it was Rejecting the Appeals from the former Trump Lawyers. The Lawyers facing Sanctions, spearheaded a Legal effort to award Michigan's Electoral College Votes to Trump, despite His Loss in the Battleground State.

A District Judge called their Suit a “historic and profound abuse of the judicial process” and imposed Monetary and Disciplinary Sanctions.

During an appearance on Fox Business on Nov. 12, 2020: “I’m going to release the Kraken,” Powell said, a quote from the 1981 movie "Clash of the Titans", which quickly became a Satirical catchphrase for Baseless Allegations of 2020 Voter Fraud.

The Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last year, upheld most of those Sanctions against Powell and the other Lawyers.

The Appeals Court said many of the Lawyers’ Allegations of Fraud, particularly those involving Dominion Voting Machines, were Refuted by their own Evidence. Other Allegations were based on “facially unreliable expert reports” or were just “simply baseless.”

In their Appeal to the Supreme Court, the Lawyers argued the Sanctions will “chill legitimate election challenges.” They also Charged Democrats with trying to “marginalize political opponents and destroy their counsel.”

Wood, who has Argued He did Not work on the Lawsuit and was Not included in All of the Sanctions, filed a Separate Appeal.

Lawyers for the City of Detroit, which was awarded Legal Fees for having to Defend itself against the Election Fraud Allegations, said the Suit was part of a broader Effort to Delegitimize the Election Results and Prevent the Peaceful Transition of Power.

“Any attorney with the slightest understanding of Michigan election law and procedures had to know that these claims were destined for dismissal,” the City's Lawyers told the Supreme Court. “There is no First Amendment right to file frivolous litigation.”

In addition to owing $132,810.62 to Detroit, the Lawyers were Ordered to pay $19,639.75 in Legal Fees to the State.

David Fink, a Lawyer for the City, said He hopes the Sanctions will Discourage similar Litigation Abuses in the Future. “We are now focused on guaranteeing another fair, safe and secure election in 2024,” Fink said.

Powell is also One of Trump’s Co-Defendants in the Georgia Election Conspiracy Case. She pleaded Quilty last fall, to a Six Misdemeanors over efforts to Overturn Trump’s Loss in that State.

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GoFundMe's Ties to Trump Legal Fees Come Under Scrutiny

GoFundMe's says ties to Trump's Legal Fees have come under Scrutiny, after the Platform Defended a Fundraiser set up to pay His Civil Fraud Fine.

On Friday, Elena Cardone, the Wife of real estate businessman Grant Cardone, made the GoFundMe page titled "Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment."

Since the Fundraiser was set up, it has brought in over $600,000 in Donations from more than 11,000 Contributors, at of the morning of February 20.

It has also attracted Scrutiny, with some suggesting the Ccrowdfunding effort may be in Breach of the Platform's Rules which state that: GoFundMe Fundraisers must Not raise Money for "the legal defense of alleged financial and violent crimes."

The Donations can only go to Individuals or Charities, per the Platform's Terms.

Jalen Drummond, the Platforms' Director of Public Affairs said: "This fundraiser is currently within our terms of service."

Following the Statement, further questions have been raised about the Fundraiser's Legitimacy, due to Drummond's previous working Relationship with Trump. Drummond previously worked as a White House Assistant Press Secretary during the Trump Administration.

GoFundMe collects a 2.9% Transaction Fee and 30 cents on each Donation.

Todd Landman, Professor of Political Science at the School of Politics and International Relations, University of Nottingham in the U.K., pointed out that the Judgments that prompted the Fundraising effort were in Civil Cases.

"The press officer's previous role may raise questions as to impartiality, but it appears to me that the funding campaign remains within the terms and conditions," He said, adding that it appeared the Funds would go to Trump as an Individual, Not His Business Organization.

This is hard to ddecide, it is True that Trump is the 51% Owner of All Businesses World Profits.

Of the Platform Profiting from the Page, Landman said: "I think it is important also to note that many charities have overheads, so when people donate, only a portion of what they donate flows through to the people in need. Charities are indeed non-profit in nature and GoFundMe is for profit, but the use of some funds to pay for the service is the same."

Following Judge Engoron's Ruling, Trump called Engoron "Crooked" and New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) "totally corrupt" in a Truth Social post.

His Lawyer Christopher Kise said, at the time that Trump plans to Appeal the Judge's Ruling: "unjust political crusade against the front-running candidate for President of the United States."

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Trump Declines To Seek Supreme Court Reversal Of Immunity Ruling

Trump decided Not to Appeal a recent Court ruling Rejecting His claim of Absolute Presidential Immunity, from Civil Lawsuits over His actions while in Office.

This allows several Lawsuits stemming from the January 6th Attack on the Capitol, to move forward with a limited fact-finding phase regarding Trump’s Role, and whether His Activities that day were Official or Political in nature.

While Trump’s Campaign indicated He may revive the Immunity Argument later, for now the unanimous Appeals Court Decision, that His Remarks before the Attack appeared aimed at Re-Election, rather than Official Duties will stand.

Steven Cheung, a Spokesperson for Trump’s 2024 Presidential Campaign, said, “President Trump will continue to fight for Presidential Immunity across the spectrum.”

U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta wrote, “From these alleged facts, it is at least plausible to infer that, when he called on rally-goers to march to the Capitol, the President did so with the goal of disrupting lawmakers’ efforts to certify the Electoral College votes.”

“The Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and others who forced their way into the Capitol building plainly shared in that unlawful goal,” the Judge’s Ruling continued.

The Supreme Court is already considering other Cases that could impact Trump, including whether He can be declared Ineligible to Run or face Criminal Charges related to January 6th.

The Civil Immunity Fight, has been pending the longest, but will now continue at the Lower Court Level.

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Monday, February 19, 2024

Trump’s New Sneaker Venture Domain Bought

Parkland Shooting Survivor David Hogg, has bought the Website Address, referencing Trump’s New Sneaker Brand, and turned it into an Anti-Gun Violence Website, with the ability to call Lawmakers to Advocate for Legislation.

Mr Hogg, who is now the President of Leaders We Deserve, an Organisation dedicated to Electing Young Candidates to Congress, made the Announcement on X.

“I just bought shoptrumpsneakers.com” the Activist wrote. “I have redirected you to a page to call your member of congress. The twist is the person who makes the call is a victim of Gun violence, whose voice has been re-created with AI to call for gun safety.”

Trump launched a series of Sneakers ranging from $199 to $399, to help Him raise Funds for His Legal Expenses. The more costly Shoe named “The Never Surrender High-Tops”, a pair of Gold-coloured Sneakers with a Black T emblazoned on the Tongue, First shipment have Sold-Out.

Some Buyers are attempting to Resell them for thousands of dollars, per Trump’s Truth Social page.

Trump started Promoting the Shoes last Sunday at Sneaker Con, a Footwear Convention in Philadelphia, just days after a Judge in a New York Civil Fraud Case, Ordered Him to pay $350m, plus 9% interest, for Conspiring to Manipulate His Net Worth. He was previously Ordered to pay $83.3m to E Jean Carroll, after He repeatedly Defamed Her by lying about His Sexual Assault of Her in the 1990s.

After launching the Site, the Anti-Gun Violence Activist later wrote, “Not going to lie, pretty proud of this. Thanks to my tech savvy friends who helped.”. The Website has been used to send 58,362 calls since its Llaunch.

Visitors to the Website can Listen to the AI generated Voices of Six Gun Violence Victims, enter their Zip Codes, and then Send their selected Recording to a Politician of their Choice.

According to the Website, 43,036 Gun Violence Deaths occurred in 2023. So far this year, almost 5,000 People have Died from Gun Violence.

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Judge Nixes Trump's Bid To Dodge NYC Hush-Money Trial

A Judge has Denied Trump's attempt to get Criminal Charges against Him, Tossed in a Hush-Money Case, related to Payments to Adult Film Actress Stormy Daniels, made by His Lawyer.

This was done to Hide the fact befor the 2016 Presidential Election.

Then the 21 Mothly Re-Payments to His Lawyer, marked as Legal Fees, using it as an Deduction on His Federal and State Taxes.

New York Judge Juan M. Merchan also announced Trump's Criminal Trial will begin on March 2th.

That will make the Hush-Money Case, the First of Trump's Four Criminal Indictments to go to Trial, starting with Jury Selection.

At the Feb. 15th Hearing, Trump's Lawyers balked at the March 25th Start Date, saying it would Interfere with the Republican Presidential Nominee's Campaign plans.

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