Sunday, June 26, 2022

MI's Largest Health System Reverses Course On Abortion Stance

After a series of Mixed Messages, Michigan's largest Health System on Saturday night, Officially reversed course on its Abortion stance, saying it will continue its Practice of providing Abortions when Medically necessary.

The Messages from BHSH System came after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday. The Health system initially said it would follow the Guidance of Michigan's 1931 Abortion Law, which is currently Unenforceable under a Temporary Injunction, and only allow Pregnancy Termination when necessary to preserve the Life of the Pregnant Person.

Hours later Friday, BHSH System President and CEO Tina Freese Decker, sent a second message to Employees to provide "additional clarity," saying "we will continue to provide high quality reproductive care to all women in Michigan. Both Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health have historically performed abortions when the mother's life was at risk and BHSH System will continue to do so."

Late Saturday night, the Health system announced it was Reinstating its Practices to Terminate Pregnancies when Medically necessary. "After extensive evaluation and in-depth discussion, and always using compassion as our guide, we have evolved our approach. We continue to have the full support of the BHSH System Board of Directors. "At present, the current legal landscape regarding abortion in our state is unclear and uncertain. We are aware of the 1931 Michigan law. However, given the uncertainties and confusion surrounding its enforcement, until there is clarity, we will continue our practice of providing abortions when medically necessary," the Update stated.

The Health system said it continues to believe "these decisions are both personal and private and best made between a woman and her physician." It said about 60 Therapeutic, Medically necessary Abortions that required Hospital-level Care were performed last year in the BHSH System. The system is a merger of Grand Rapids-based Spectrum Health and Beaumont Health, which serves Southeast Michigan.

"We have not and will not perform elective abortions. We continue to provide care for women’s health, including reproductive needs. We will support our physicians and patients through a multidisciplinary, local committee as they navigate this challenging landscape. We urge Michigan courts to bring clarity as quickly as possible." the statement read. Spokesman Mark Geary said. When asked why the health system reversed course, he referred back to the statement.

Despite Roe being Overturned, Abortion remains Legal in Michigan, for now, because of a Temporary Injunction barring the Enforcement of the State Law that Bans it in All Cases except to Save the Life of the Pregnant Person. It's unclear where Courts will take the issue in Michigan, leaving Health systems, including BHSH System, grappling with an uncertain Legal Landscape.

On Twitter and in an emailed release, received after 10 p.m. Friday, U.S. Rep. Andy Levin (D-9th District, Bloomfield Township), called on BHSH System "to reverse this policy immediately, to continue to allow their providers to give patients the health care they are entitled to under current law, and not to circumvent the courts.”

“We must be very clear: abortion is still legal in Michigan. Judge Elizabeth Gleicher granted a preliminary injunction to stop the enforcement of the 1931 law if Roe v. Wade was overturned," said Levin, a Member of the House Pro-Choice Caucus. "Yet the very day that the Supreme Court released their decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe, BHSH System sent a message to all staff saying the entire system would now follow the 1931 law."

Late Saturday night, Levin said on Twitter: "I'm grateful that Beaumont-Spectrum has reversed course. We must continue to make clear that abortion services remain legal and available in Michigan, and I encourage health providers to afford pregnant people the full range of reproductive services."

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WA Gov. Seeks Abortion Rights Amendment To State Constitution

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D), said he will push for a State Constitutional Amendment, to Protect Abortion Rights within his State’s Borders, as well as, Laws that will make it difficult for other States to Investigate whether their Residents have visited Washington for Abortion care.

“The right to this choice, this constitutional choice for the last five decades, should not depend on which party is in control of our state Legislature,” said Inslee. Without a Constitutional Amendment, the State would be in danger of losing Abortion Rights if a Republican Majority was ever Elected in the Legislature, he said.

Inslee made the Announcement during a News Conference Saturday morning. He said he will ask Legislators to Strengthen Privacy Laws, and enact Nnew Laws that will bar Washington Law Enforcement agencies from Aiding other States if they are Investigating alleged Violations of Anti-Abortion Laws.

The neighboring State of Idaho, has enacted a near-total Abortion Ban that automatically takes effect 30 days after the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision Overturning Roe v. Wade. Health Care providers, expect that Idaho Residents seeking Abortion Services, may travel to Washington State for the procedure.

“Next week I will be issuing an executive order to the Washington State Patrol not to cooperate in investigations of other states to who violate the Roe v. Wade decision,” Inslee said. “Access to data and privacy is very important in this fight so we are going to be very alert in privacy laws ... we’re not going to allow that data to get back to Texas or Missouri or Idaho.”

Inslee said he would make Washington a “sanctuary of choice,” defending the Right to Reproductive Health Care, Privacy, and Safety of Citizens, “including those that come from other states.”

Abortion has been Legal in Washington State, since a 1970 Statewide Ballot Referendum.

Another Ballot Measure, Approved by Voters in 1991, affirmed a Woman’s Right to choose Physician-performed Abortion prior to Fetal Viability and further Expanded and Protected access to Abortion in the State, if Roe v. Wade was Overturned.

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Greta Thunberg Makes Surprise Appearance At Glastonbury Festival

Greta Thunberg has warned that the World faces “total natural catastrophe” unless Citizens take urgent Action, as she made a surprise appearance at Glastonbury Festival.

The 19-year-old Activist led Chants of “climate … justice”, after delivering a rousing Speech from the Pyramid stage which painted an Apocalyptic picture of the Future of the Planet.

To cheers from thousands of Festival-goers, Thunberg said: “We are approaching the precipice and I would strongly suggest that all of those who have not yet been greenwashed out of our senses to stand our ground. Do you not let them drag us another inch closer to the edge. Right now is where we stand our ground.”

Thunberg was introduced on Stage by the Glastonbury Co-Organiser Emily Eavis, who described the Swedish Teenager as “the most inspiring speaker of this generation”.

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G7 Will Ban Russian Gold Imports

President Biden said Sunday, that the Group of Seven (G7) Nations, will ban Russian Gold Imports to further impose Financial Costs on Moscow for its Invasion of Ukraine.

“The United States has imposed unprecedented costs on Putin to deny him the revenue he needs to fund his war against Ukraine,” Biden tweeted on Sunday. “Together, the G7 will announce that we will ban the import of Russian gold, a major export that rakes in tens of billions of dollars for Russia.”

Biden’s announcement came on the First day of a G7 Meeting in Germany. A formal announcement is expected later on during the Summit.

While it does Not bring in as much Money as Energy, Gold is a major source of Revenue for the Russian Economy. Restricting Exports to G7 Economies will cause more Financial strain to Russia as it wages the War in Ukraine.

The G7 includes: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and the U.S.

The U.S. and its Allies have been searching for more ways to punish Russia, for the bloody war that recently entered its Fifth month.

Biden has announced waves of Penalties coordinated with Allies that range from Sanctions on Russian Officials and oligarchs, Export Controls, to Sanctions on Major Russian Banks.

Still, Europeans are Limited in what they can do, because of their Dependence on Russian Energy imports. European Countries have vowed to Phase-Out Russian Oil, but have Not taken steps like the U.S. to do so Immediately.

Biden Administration Officials teased New announcements, to squeeze Russia ahead of Biden’s trip to Europe, and it’s possible there will be more announcements beyond the plan to Ban Russian Gold Imports.

Biden embarked on the Trip to Europe for the G7 Meeting and, later, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit with the Goal of demonstrating Unity with Allies on keeping up pressure on Russia, even as the War roils the Global Economy.

Biden spent Sunday morning meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and later participated in a working lunch with other Leaders. A White House Readout of Biden’sMmeeting with Scholz indicated Ukraine was a Main topic of conversation. “The leaders underlined their commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as their continued provision of military, economic, humanitarian, and diplomatic support to help Ukraine defend its democracy against Russian aggression,” the White House Readout said. “The leaders also discussed efforts to alleviate the impacts of Russia’s war in Ukraine on global food and energy security.”

Biden also thanked Scholz for Committing to boosting Germany’s Defense Spending above NATO’s 2% of Gross Domestic Product target.

A White House Official characterized the Meeting as “very warm and friendly” and said there was “very broad alignment on all of the issues that they discussed and all the common challenges that our countries are working on together.”

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One Way To Outmaneuvering Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court struck down a Maine Law in, Carson v. Maine, that prohibited Religious Private Schools from receiving Taxpayer dollars.

Anticipating this Decision, Maine Lawmakers enacted a crucial Amendment to the State's Anti-Discrimination Law last year, in order to counteract the expected ruling. The revised Law forbids Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation, and it applys to every Private School that chooses to accept Public Funds, withour regrd to Reliious affiliaton.

The impact was Siignificant: the Two Religious Schools at issue in the Carson Case, Bangor Christian Schools and Temple Academy, said they would Decline State Funds, that they just Won, if it would require them to change how they Operate or Alter their Admissions Standards to admit L.G.B.T.Q. Students.

The Legislative fix made by Maine Lawmakers offers a Model for others who are alarmed by the Court's Aggressive swing to the Right. Maine's example shows that those on the losing end of a Case, can often Outmaneuver the Court, and avoid the consequences of a Ruling.

The Law will limit Church-State entanlement, assuming other Religious Schools decline Funding for the same reason as Schools in Carson. And although Nondiscriminatory Private Schools can still receive Public Funds, Maine can Eliminate that Program at any point, a Fact the Court conceded.

Whether it should is a question that ought to turn on the Program's Impact on Education Equity.

A handful of States including: Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, and Vermont, provide Vouchers or similar Tax-Credit Scholarships to Low-Income Students to enroll in Private Schools. But none have enacted a Statute Prohibiting Discriminating against L.G.B.T.Q. Students.

Legislation that would do so is pending in Maryland's Legislature's General Assembly. Lawmakers there should quickly Enact it. Other States should also prohibit such Discrimination.

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Planned Parenthood UT Files Lawsuit Over State’s Trigger Ban

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, filed a Lawsuit seeking to Block Utah’s New Law, Banning All Elective Abortions, that went into effect late Friday.

The group said it also Plans to ask the Court, for a Preliminary as well as Permanent Court Order, against the State’s New Law, according to the Suit filed Saturday in Salt Lake City County’s Third Judicial District. The Case is Planned Parenthood Association of Utah v. State of Utah, Third Judicial District Court for Salt Lake County, Utah.

Utah’s Trigger Ban, passed by the State’s Legislature in 2020, took effect late Friday, after the Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade, forcing Planned Parenthood Association of Utah, to immediately cease performing Abortions, according to the Complaint.

“Yesterday, the US Supreme Court eliminated a federal constitutional right,” said Karrie Galloway, President and Chief Executive Officer of Planned Parenthood Association of Utah. “In one terrible moment, Roe v. Wade was overturned, and Utahns’ power to control their own bodies, lives and personal medical decisions was threatened.”

Doctors in Utah who Violate the State’s Trigger Ban, now face a Second-Degree Felony charge, and Prison terms of between one-to-15 years, as well as Criminal Fines and Loss of their Professional License, the group says.

The Plaintiffs allege that the Abortion Ban Violates the Utah Constitution, and if Emergency Relief isn’t granted, at least 55 Utahans won’t be able to get the Abortion Care, they need in the State this week.

About 2,800 Utahans each year will face carrying a Pregnancy to Term against their Will, remain Pregnant until they can afford to Travel Out-of-State to get an Abortion, or attempt to Self-Manage their Abortions out of the Medical system, according to Planned Parenthood.

The Plaintiffs argue the State’s Constitution protects Pregnant Utahns’ Rights to Determine, when and whether, to have a Family and determine what happens with their Own Bodies and Lives, therefor the New Law is Invalid, as written.

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MN Gov. EO Protects Abortion Services From Other States' Laws

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D), has signed an Executive Order (EO), that Protects Minnesota's Abortion Services from Laws in Other States, nearly All of the poised to Ban the Procedure, following Friday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down Roe vs. Wade.

The Governor also says he'll Decline to honor requests to Extradite Individuals who are accused of committing Acts related to Reproductive Health Care that are Not Criminal Offenses in Minnesota.

“My office has been and will continue to be a firewall against legislation that would reverse reproductive freedom,” said Walz. “This order shows our administration’s commitment to protecting patients and health care providers. Our administration is doing everything we can to protect individuals’ right to make their own health care decisions.”

Minnesota's access to Abortion Services remains in effect following the Doe vs. Gomez ruling, which came in 1995. While Abortion remains Legal in Minnesota, Minnesota's neighboring States are expected to severely Restrict Reproductive freedom.

The Supreme Court's ruling stopped most Abortions in South Dakota and Wisconsin, while North Dakota's Law to End Abortions is triggered to take effect after 30 days. In Iowa, the Defeat of Roe does Not immediately change any Laws, but it allows State Lawmakers to Approve more Abortion Restrictions.

Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach (R-7th District), said she's ecstatic about the Supreme Court decision, adding that she believes the 1972 ruling was Unconstitutional from the beginning.

Former State Senator Scott Jensen, the GOP's endorsed Candidate for Governor, has said he would seek a Total Ban on Abortions and instead offer, in his words, "caring alternatives" like Universal Adoption and Family Planning measures.

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