Friday, June 4, 2021

Biden Partners With Nonprofits To Screen Asylum Seekers

The Biden Administration has partnered with Six Nonprofits to Screen potential Asylum Seekers looking to come to the U.S.

The Agreement comes as the White House is facing mounting Pressure to Reject Title 42, a Trump-era Policy, to Issued an Emergency Regulation to Implement a Specific Aspect of U.S. Health Law, the Covid-19 Pandemic, allowing Swift Expulsion of would-be Migrants, Preventing them from Applying for Refuge in the U.S.

Under Biden's Plan, the Consortium would help the Government Determine which of the many People waiting at the Southern Border would be among the 250 the U.S. has Agreed to let in each day, to contin ue the Asylum process.

The International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, HIAS, Kids in Need of Defense, Asylum Access, and the Institute for Women in Migration, would review potential Asylees until July 31st, at which point, the Groups hope the U.S. Government will have Rescinded Title 42.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) acknowledged the Agreements. "As the United States continues to enforce the CDC Order under its Title 42 public health authority, we are working to streamline a system for identifying and lawfully processing particularly vulnerable individuals who warrant humanitarian exceptions under the order," a DHS Spokesperson said by email. "This humanitarian exception process involves close coordination with international and non-governmental organizations in Mexico."

Asylum-Seekers claim they Cannot Return to their Country due to Persecution based on their Race, Religion, Nationality, Political Views, or Membership in a Social Group.

It's a somewhat Unusual Arrangement for an Administration that has grappled with how to let Asylum Cases proceed while largely Maintaining Closures at the Border.

The Biden Administration, on Tuesday, formally Rescinded Trump's "remain in Mexico" Policy, which left 25,000 People in Asylum limbo.

The Program, known Officially as the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), was a Cornerstone of Trump's Border Management Policy; it Forced potential Asylum-Seekers to stay in Mexico to wait out the Result of their Case in U.S. Immigration Court.

Biden Rolled-Out a Separate Program, in February, allowing the U.S. to begin Processing as many as 300 People, per day, at Three different Ports of Entry.

San Ysidro in San Diego, is essentially guaranteed to be one of them. It is the Largest Land Border Crossing, at the U.S.-Mexico Border, and is where U.S. Border Officials First sent migrants. Another is, the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez Region, which has the Largest Concentration of Asylum Seekers returned to Mexico.

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