Friday, June 4, 2021

Gates And Buffert Building Next-Generation Nuclear Reactor In Wyoming

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, are Building a $1 Billion Next-Generation Nuclear Reactor, in Wyoming.

On Wednesday, the Governor of Wyoming, Mark Gordon (R), said that Bill Gates' Advanced Nuclear Reactor Company, TerraPower, LLC. and Buffett's PacifiCorp will Launch, the First Natrium Reactor, in the State, possibly on the Site of a retiring Coal Plant.

Reuters reports that, Advanced Reactors, which run on Different Fuels, than traditional Reactors. may provide a Critical Carbon-Free Technology.

States are striving to Cut Emissions that cause Climate Change. TerraPower, founded by Gates about 15 years ago, said that the Natrium Demonstration Plant, would take Seven years to Develop.

Gates said the Natrium Plant would be Safer, Perform Better, and Cost Less than a Traditional Plant.

The Nuclear Reactor would be able to produce 500 megawatts of Power during Peak Demand, TerraPower and PacifiCorp said, adding that this would be enough Energy to Power about 400,000 Homes.

Advanced Nuclear Reactors such as Natrium are Carbon-Free Power Sources that could Supplement Wind and Solar sources.

They're considered:

- More Eco-Friendly than Traditional Nuclear Reactors.

- Have Simpler Designs that are Easier to Build.

- More Fuel-Efficient, Cheaper, and Safer than Regular Reactors.

According to the World Nuclear Association.

The Two Companies said they would announce the Exact Site of the Natrium Reactor Demonstration Plant by the end of 2021.

Gates said in a Press Briefing that the Plant would feature a Sodium Reactor and a Molten-Salt Energy-Storage System.

"We think Natrium will be a game-changer for the energy industry," he said.

Wyoming, the Top Coal-producing State, has been a "leader in energy for over a century, and we hope that our investment in Natrium will allow Wyoming to stay in the lead for many decades to come," the Microsoft Cofounder added.

"This is our fastest and clearest course to becoming carbon negative," Gordon said in the Briefing. "Nuclear power is clearly a part of my all-of-the-above strategy for energy."

Gordon tweeted that the Nuclear Reactor would provide on-Demand Energy, Reduce CO2 Emissions, and Create hundreds of Well-Paying Construction and Operation Jobs.

TerraPower, founded by Gates 15 years ago, received $80 Million in Initial Funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to Demonstrate the Natrium Project.

The Department has Committed additional Funding over the next few years, TerraPower said.

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