Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Injunction Filed To Stop SC House Of Representatives District 25 Seat Primary Runoff

A former Candidate, is trying to Stop the Democratic Primary Runoff Election, for the South Carolina House of Representatives District 25 Seat next week, claiming One of the Two men on the Ballot isn't Eligible to run for Office.

Bruce Wilson filed the Document Tuesday, according to State Court records. He's asking for an Emergency Hearing before the June 28th Runoff and for the State Democratic Party to Decertify Derrick Quarles as a Candidate.

That Decertification would either require a New Primary Election for the Democratic Nomination for District 25, which would make Wilson and Atkinson Candidates again, or it rescind Quarles' Votes in the June 14th Primary, moving Candidate Adriene Atkinson to the Runoff against Wendell Jones.

Wilson claims that Quarles has a Felony Charge against him that has Not been Pardoned or Cleared long enough ago to make him Eligible to run for Office. South Carolina Law allows People Convicted of a Felony to run for State Office 15 years after their Sentences are Complete or if they are Pardoned.

The Injunction claims Greenville County Democratic Party Chair, Amanda McDougald Scott, Greenville County Election Office Director, Conway Belangia, and South Carolina Democratic Party Chair, Trav Robertson caused "irreparable harm" by Not doing Due Diligence on Quarles' Eligibility.

In a letter to the State Democratic Party, Atkinson echoed Wilson's Allegation and said "Quarles must be disqualified from the runoff and my name added back to the ballot" in order for the Primary Election to be fair.

The Democratic Runoff Election is scheduled for June 28th.

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