Tuesday, June 21, 2022

FBI NY Ballot Fraud Investigation Shifts To GOP Elections Commissioner

The focus of an FBI Investigation that led to the recent Guilty plea of a Troy Councilwoman is shifting to Jason T. Schofield (R), the Rensselaer County Board of Elections Commissioner.

GOP Employees at the Board of Elections have recently been Subpoenaed, to Testify before a Federal Grand Jury in Albany.

The County also recently received a New, Federal Grand Jury Subpoena, that sought Materials related to Absentee Ballots, that had been handled by Schofield last year, including through a State-run Online Portal.

The actions of Schofield, 42, surfaced in the recent Case involving former Troy Councilwoman Kimberly Ashe-McPherson (R-Conservative Party). The 61-year-old, who had been on the Council for Seven years, pleaded Guilty June 8th, to a Felony Charge in U.S. District Court, after admitting she had Fraudulently submitted Absentee Ballots in last year’s Primary and General Elections. Ashe-McPherson resigned from the Council a day after pleading Guilty.

In Ashe-McPherson’s Plea Agreement, filed in U.S. District Court, Schofield is the Unidentified Board of Elections Official listed as “Individual-3.” According to the Document, Schofield had allegedly Facilitated helping Ashe-McPherson obtain an Absentee Ballot through an Online Portal using the Name and Date-of-Birth of a Voter without “lawful authority.”

That Absentee Ballot, which was Mailed to Ashe-McPherson’s Residence, was Submitted in the Working Families Party Primary Election, that she won a year ago, prior to being Re-Elected to the City Council in the General Election.

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