Monday, May 2, 2022

Young Republicans Sue To Redraw NY Assembly District Maps

New York's State Assembly Maps should go back to the Drawing board, a New Lawsuit argues.

The Leader of New York's Young Republican Club, Gavin Wax, filed a Court Motion late Sunday, that aims to effectively Scrap all Democrat-drawn Redistricting Maps.

Appellate Judges last week, already tossed Maps for Congressional and State Senate races, after finding Democrats drew them with "unconstitutional partisan intent." The Opinion prompted State Officials to move those Primaries to Aug. 23rd, as an Independent Expert known as a "Special Master" Redraws those Maps. But the State Assembly Maps, and their June 23rd Primary, were untouched by the Opinion.

Wax's Motion aims to finish the job and Consolidate the Maps, into a Aug. 23rd Primary.

"It is transparent that striking down the unconstitutional Congressional and State Senate maps, on the one hand, while allowing an unconstitutional State Assembly map to remain intact, on the other hand, would make no legal or practical sense," the Motion states. "Worse yet, doing so would call into question the integrity and competence of the New York State government."

Democrats had taken over the Redistricting Process that an Independent Commission had been supposed to undertake. They then drew Maps that appeared to heavily favor their Party, such as One that folded heavily Democratic Brooklyn areas such as Park Slope, into a Congressional Seat in Staten Island held by Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-11th District).

The Appeals Court decision that struck down the Maps didn't affect the Assembly Districts because Opponents failed to request Invalidation, the Judges wrote.

The Motion by Wax, filed by his Attorney Aaron Foldenauer, in a Steuben County Case, seeks to correct what Judges called a "Procedural Infirmity", Legalese for a Technicality.

"There is more than ample time to fold in the task of redrawing the State Assembly map as part of the process involving the Special Master and any interested parties — which is a process that is just getting underway," Wax's Motion states.

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