Tuesday, May 3, 2022

NY Gov. Signs Measure To Change Election Law

New York former Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin (D) will remove himself from the Ballot, as Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) signed Legislation passed by the Democratic-led Assembly and Senate on Monday evening, to change State Election Law, and relax the Rules for a Candidate to vacate a Party Ticket.

Senators Voted 33-29 to pass a Bill to allow Political Candidates nominated by any Party, to sign a Certificate and Remove themselves from the Ballot after they are Arrested and Charged with One or more Misdemeanors or Felonies, Federal Bribery and Fraud Charges, under State or Federal Law. The Bill is sponsored by Sen. Liz Krueger (D-28th District, Manhattan) and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (D-88th District, Scarsdale).

Assemblymembers passed the Legislation 82-57 after hours of spirited Debate. Several Democrats joined Republicans in Voting against the Measure that will allow disgraced Benjamin, a former State Senator from Harlem, to Remove himself from the Ticket.

"I will sign the necessary paperwork to remove myself from the ballot," Benjamin said in a prepared Statement Monday afternoon. Benjamin was vehement the Charges against him related to his Support of a Nonprofit are "unfounded" and "unjustified," saying he will be Vindicated of the Criminal accusation. Withdrawing from the Race amid the Charges "is the right thing to do," Benjamin said.

"I fully expect to be exonerated of these false charges, and look forward to serving my community again when that time happens, however, until I have the opportunity to clear my name, I will not be able to serve, therefore making it unfair to the voters of this great state for me to remain on the ballot," he said.

A Vacancy may be Submitted up to Four days after a Person declines their Candidacy under the New Law by a State Vacancies Committee.

Republicans argued the Bill was unfair, as past Political Candidates facing Criminal Charges were Not given a path to Remove themselves from the Ballot, and it benefits One Candidate running on the Democratic Party line this year, the Govenor.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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