Wednesday, March 9, 2022

TX Harris County Election Chief Resigns Over Fumbled Vote Count

Harris County, Texas, Election Chief, Isabel Longoria, Resigns as Political Parties demand Answers over fumbled Vote Count. That’s 10,000 Votes from Houston-area Voters. With Counting Holdups and Missed Ballots, marring what amounted to a Low-Turnout Election in the Primary.

Over the weekend, Harris County Election Officials announced, that Mail-In Ballots, 6,000 Democratic and 4,000 Republican, had been mistakenly left off the County’s Vote Tally.

This came after Unofficial Results were significantly Delayed, in part because more than a Thousand Ballot Sheets were Damaged, as Voters tried out the County’s New Voting Machines.

On Tuesday afternoon, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo (D), said she wanted a Change in Leadership and intended to Replace Longoria. Shortly after, Longoria announced she would step down on July 1st.

Her Resignation came after Harris County Democrats, called for a comprehensive Post-Election Review, while Republicans, regular Adversaries of the County’s Democratic Leadership, simultaneously Sued the County and demanded Longoria’s Resignation.

The Texas Secretary-of-State’s Office noted the 10,000 Vote Discrepancy, when it began reviewing Reconciliation Forms and reached out to Harris County Election Officials, a Spokesperson, Leah Shah, for the Office said. The next day, Harris County announced the Missed Votes.

The Votes were Scanned into the County’s “tabulation computer” but were Not properly Transferred so they would be reflected, in the County’s Original Election Night Returns, Officials said in a Statement, where they acknowledged “the seriousness of this error.” The “oversight” was traced to Tabulating Work, in the early morning hours, when Election Workers were still Reviewing Ballots.

“The 10,000 mail ballots were scanned into our central scanning system within the 24-hour period after Election Night,” Shah said in the Tuesday email. “Unfortunately, due to the late hour and miscommunication between staff members, the transfer of these votes to our tally system did not occur within the 24-hour period.”

The Missed Votes will be Transferred and Accounted for in Harris’ Final Count, when its Vote Tabulating Panel next meets, Shah said.

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