Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Dozens Subpoenaed In NY Rensselaer County Ballot Fraud Investigation

Dozens of Rensselaer County Workers, and others, have been served with Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas, as part of an intensifying FBI investigation that's examining the Filing of Absentee Ballots in Elections over the past Two years. In November and December, 2021, those Absentee Ballots were being Examined by both State Police and FBI Agents, in separate Investigations.

The Subpoenas seeking Testimony before a Federal Grand Jury, beginning later this Month, have been issued to numerous Rank-and-File County Workers as well as, to Jason Schofield, the Republican Commissioner for the County's Board of Elections. The Subpoenas were served on Individuals who may have done Campaign Work, or who had Absentee Ballots issued on their behalf.

Those Subpoenas sought Absentee Ballot Documents and Communications involving Multiple County Officials. They were Served, after FBI Agents seized the Mobile Phones of County Operations Director Richard W. Crist, and Jim Gordon, the County's Director of Purchasing. Both Men are Political Allies of County Executive Steve McLaughlin (R).

The Phones were Seized at their respective Residences on the morning of Feb. 3rd. The Seizures took place the same day McLaughlin, appeared in Rensselaer County Court for a Pre-Trial Conference in an Unrelated Criminal Case involving the alleged Theft and Misuse of Campaign Funds. McLaughlin has pleaded Not Guilty to Two Felony Charges in that Case, which is being Prosecuted by the State Attorney General's Office.

The Federal Investigators are examining Gordon's Role in gathering Absentee Ballots at a Public Housing Complex in Lansingburgh. State Police Investigators were reviewing Crist's Involvement with Absentee Ballots in the Rensselaer Mayoral Race. They seized Incumbent Mayor Michael Stammel's (R) Mobile Phone, in Mid-December, 2021, at City Hall.

Absentee Ballots were filed on behalf of 45 Residents, who live in the Lansingburgh Apartments. Many of the Documents list "permanent illness or physical disability" as the reason for the Individual Not Voting-in-Person, according to Records-on-File at the Board of Elections. Several of the Ballots were Released to Peggy S. Castle (R), a Manager of the Apartment Complex. She ran Unsuccessfully for a Seat on the County Legislature in the November, 2021 Election.

Most of the Absentee Ballots at the Complex were returned to Gordon, who in November Won a Seat on the North Greenbush Town Board. He is a former Troy Councilman and ran Unsuccessfully for Mayor there in 2015.

County Republican Leaders said that they were Unaware, of any Fraudulent Activity by the Party, during the 2021 Election, and that they had simply taken Advantage of a Directive from the State Board-of-Elections, that allowed Individuals to use Absentee Ballots, if they did Not want to Vote in Person due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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