Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Trump's Truth Social App Plummets In Traffic

Trump's Truth Social App, is seeing a 93% Drop in Signups, and similarly steep Decline in Traffic, after a Rocky Rollout last month, fraught with Technical Issues, and an extensive Waiting List for New Signups to use the service.

After going Live on President's Day, the Twitter-lookalike App, saw Installs decline by more than 800,000 since its launch week. Installs on the Apple App Store this month, have fallen to about 60,000 per week, based on Early estimates.

"This is down 93% from its launch week, when it saw 872,000 installs during the week of Feb. 21," Stephanie Chan, Mobile Insights Strategist at Sensor Tower, told TheWrap. "We estimate that Truth Social has so far reached approximately 1.2 million installs since its launch."

And there is No Data about how many actually use the Site, which is Not currently available to Android Customers.

On its Desktop site, Truth Social has also seen a significant Decline in Traffic following the Launch period. spiked to 6 million Visits during the week of Feb. 20th but has dropped to around 1.9 million Weekly Visits in recent weeks, according to Similarweb. The App Store download page Visits also declined from 361,000 visits during Launch week to some 90,000 weekly Visits last week.

Even having Trump as the face of the Platform, the App is struggling to compete in a saturated Social Media Market. Many Apps have entered the scene as Alternatives to Big Tech Platforms like Facebook and Twitter, that have drawn ire from Trump and other Conservatives.

Former Trump aide Jason Miller's Twitter clone Gettr, has reached some 1.9 million Daily Users with 6.7 million Global Installs, while Parler has about 11.3 million Global Installs, according to Sensor Tower. Trump has Not joined Gettr.

"Creating your own social network is not an easy thing to do," David Carr, Senior Insights Manager at Similarweb, said. "You have to be significantly better and more interesting."

Carr noted that the initial burst of interest in Truth Social Dissipated very quickly. "It did mirror the pattern we have seen before when Trump tried a couple of other things, [showing a] spike in interest and then going away quickly," he said, referring to Trump's Past Projects that include his now Defunct Blog.

Truth and its Competitors mostly target a Conservative audience, touting a Social Network that Defends Freedom of Speech, over Big Tech's Censorship after Trump himself was Suspended from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a handful of other Social Media Apps, last year, for Violating their Content Policies.

The Demographics for Truth's Site, initially showed nearly half (47%) of Visitors in January, came from outside the U.S., with the Majority (70%) of them Male, according to Similarweb.

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