Wednesday, March 30, 2022

States Miss Key Milestones As Redistricting Process Lags

States miss Key Milestones as Redistricting process Lags, Ninety days into 2021, nearly a Dozen States, have yet to complete their Congressional or Legislative Redistricting work.

Here are some:


Has a June 1st Candidate filing Deadline, but are still working on their State Legislative Maps.


Has a July 22nd Candidate filing Deadline, need to complete their Congressional Maps.


Has Not yet Completed its Legislative Map, but it is Not holding an Election for the Legislature this year.


Has yet to complete its Congressional Map, and still working on their Legislative Maps. But Candidates seeking Office already filed Paperwork to get on Primary Ballot, meaning the Districts they intend to Represent are Not necessarily Defined.

Missouri’s Filing Deadline was Tuesday. State Law only requires Candidates to live in Missouri, and Not the District they are seeking to represent. So while Candidates could look at proposed Maps and Predict which District would be the most appropriate, there remains the possibility they could Represent someplace that does Not include their Residence.

Lawmakers have been working on the Congressional Map for months, and the State House had Approved a Version that would likely retain the current Partisan Makeup, Six Seats held by Republicans, Two by Democrats. But after the State Senate pushed through a Version that might shift another District to the GOP, House Members said they needed time to Review the Changes. The Primary is scheduled for Aug. 2nd.


Candidates filed their Paperwork by March 14th, for a June 7th Primary, even though the Legislative Maps have Not been approved yet. The Secretary of State’s Office directed potential Candidates to use the current Maps to determine District Boundaries when determining where to run.

New Hampshire

June 10th is the Candidate Filing Deadline, But the State needs to complete their Congressional Maps.


May 26th is the Filing Deadline, are still working on their State Legislative Maps.

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