Friday, March 18, 2022

NY Voter Bills Passed By Senate Awaiting House Votes

The Brennan Center for Justice, recently categorized New York as a State with Restrictive Voting Laws. New York can do better!

The Following Bills have Passed the New York Senate but stuck in the New York House:

Legislation that Improves Access to the Ballot

Legislation to Ensure that Voters have Reasonable Opportunities to Exercise their Fundamental Right to Vote

Ballot Saving (Wrong Church) S284 (Myrie) /A642 (Carroll) - Requires the board of elections to count the affidavit ballot of a voter if that voter appeared at a polling place in the correct county, but in the wrong election district, to the extent that the votes cast also apply to the voter’s election district.

Mobile Early Voting S557 (May) / A4568 (Galef) - Authorizes counties to establish, in addition to required early voting sites, mobile early voting locations that are operational for at least three consecutive days.

Require County Boards of Election to Designate College Campuses as Polling Sites (A454A (Rozic) / S4658A (Parker) - Requires any college campus with more than 300 registered voters to be designated a polling place. In 2022, the Assembly should also pass this bill and ensure that voting is always available to students on-campus.

Reduce Voter Registration Deadline to Constitutional Minimum S2951 (Kavanagh) / A8858 (Carroll) - Allow eligible voters to register to vote up until 10 days before an election, which is the maximum amount of time allowed by the state’s constitution. The current deadline is 25 days prior to the election.

Legislation to Improve Absentee Voting

Count Absentee Ballots When the Voter’s Intent is Clear S253 (Myrie) / A1144A (Paulin)

Authorize Boards of Elections to Establish Absentee Ballot Drop-off Locations S492 (Hoylman) / A4128A (Gottfried)

Legislation to Improve Election Security and Ensure Public Confidence in Election Results

Ban Risky Voting Machines and Guarantee Secure Paper Ballots for Audits S309A (Myrie) / A1115A (Paulin) - Ban risky hybrid voting machines, votes encoded with bar codes, require paper ballots for all voters and ban direct recording electronic voting machines that do not accept paper ballots. Give boards of election the flexibility to use more than two types of voting machines per election.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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