Friday, March 18, 2022

NH Governor Promises Veto Of Republicans’ Redrawn Congressional Map

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R), said Thursday, he will Veto the Republican Congressional Redistricting Map Approved by the Legislature.

The Map has been hotly Debated for months. In the Once-a-Decade Redistricting process, House Republicans completely Redrew the State’s Congressional Lines, to make the 1st District more Republican and the 2nd District more Democratic, attempting to give each Party a Safe Seat on Capitol Hill.

On the Senate Floor Thursday, Republicans pushed back against Accusations of Gerrymandering.

Typical Gerrymandering Cases in the U.S. take the form of:

- Partisan Gerrymandering, which is aimed at favor in One Political Party or Weaken another, goes to the Highestm Court in a State.

- Bipartisan Gerrymandering, which is aimed at Protecting Incumbents by multiple Political Parties, goes to the Highestm Court in a State.

- Racial Gerrymandering, which is aimed at Weakening the Power of Racial Minorities, can go to the Supreme Court.

Almost as soon as Senate Republicans Passed the Map on a Party-line Vote, Sununu announced he would Veto it once it reaches his desk.

“It doesn’t really pass the smell test, right?” he said.

Sununu’s Decision stunned Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Republican Representatives must now either come up with a New Map or attempt a Veto Override.

“But I don’t think there’ll be the votes there to do that,” said Senate Minority Leader Donna Soucy (D-18th District). “Potentially, the districts could remain as they are.”

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