Wednesday, March 30, 2022

NC Trial Judges Again Allow More Felony Offenders To Vote

North Carolina’s Law that prohibits People convicted of Felonies from Registering to Vote, while they are still serving Probation, Parole, or other Supervision, Discriminates against Black Residents and is Unconstitutional, a Panel of State Dudges, ruled on Monday.

The Decision expands on a preliminary Injunction issued, August, 2021, by the Majority on the same Panel, that heard evidence in a Trial, Challenging a 1973 State Law that Delays the Restoration of Voting Rights, for some Offenders who aren’t serving Prison or Jail time. It could affect Tens of Thousands of People previously Convicted of Felonies.

That Injunction was Blocked by the State Supreme Court in September, 2021. But any Offender who Registered during a roughly 10-day Period, when that Injunction was in place, could remain on Voting Rolls, the Justices ruled last year.

Now Monday’s Order essentially makes the Content of that previous Injunction more Permanent.

Lawyers for the State and General Assembly Leaders, could Appeal the Decision and seek to Delay its Enforcement for now.

But if upheld, the Ruling signed by Superior Court Judges, Lisa Bell and Keith Gregory, could mean Offenders still on Probation, Parole, or being formally Supervised for a State or Felony Conviction, could Register to Vote.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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