Thursday, February 10, 2022

Investigation Finds Less Double Voting In GA Than Alleged

After the hectic 2020 Georgia Primary, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R), made a Bombshell Allegation from the Steps of Liberty Plaza outside the Georgia Capitol, that 1,000 people potentially Voted Twice.

A year and a half later, an Investigation by his own Office has found less then 500 Voting than he had Suspected.

Most of Raffensperger’s Allegation couldn’t be Proved, the latest Claim of Voting Fraud surrounding the 2020 election that fell Short under Scrutiny.

Unlike Trump’s False Claims about his Election being Stolen, Investigators Validated some of Raffensperger’s Assertions of Double Voting.

The Secretary of State’s Office, Disclosed Preliminary Findings of its Double Voting Investigation, in response toRrequests by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Investigation so far indicates about 300 Voters Cast Two Ballots, in the June 2020 Primary and August 2020 Primary Runoff, almost always because of Mistakes by Confused Voters and Poll Workers.

Investigators confirmed 22% of 1,339, 294 Suspected Cases of Double Voting in the Primary Elections.

The other 78%, 1,044, appear to have only Voted Once.

The Number of Double Voters could rise because about 100 Cases remain under Investigation.

The additional Votes didn’t Change any Election Outcomes, and Violators could face Fines or Prosecution.

Three Vote Counts and Dozens of Investigations checked the 2020 Elections in Georgia.

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