Friday, October 29, 2021

VA AG Presses GOP Senator For Proof Of Fraud In Statewide Elections

Virginia Attorney General, Mark R. Herring’s (D) Office Thursday, pressed a Surrogate, State Sen. Amanda F. Chase (R-11h District, Chesterfield), of Republican Gubernatorial Nominee, Glenn Youngkin, to share Evidence supporting her claims that Democrats are trying to “steal” Tuesday’s Election, allegations Herring, who is running for Reelection, called a ploy to undermine Voters’ Confidence in the outcome before the Results are in.

Chase, who first aired her Allegations at a GOP Rally earlier this month, that featured a Telephone Call from Trump, has also said that she met with a Man who she said thwarted an Online effort to “install” Hillary Clinton as President in 2016. Chase said she knew about a similar Plan on behalf of Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Nominee for Virginia’s Governor.

“He showed me . . . exactly how they’re stealing elections in Virginia,” Chase said, “They’re moving, in cyberland, they are switching inactive voters to active voters, all in the same week, it’s undetectable. I know what they’re doing, and now the Youngkin campaign has all that information and they’re not going to get by on us this year, I’m telling you.”

Youngkin said Thursday that he knew nothing about Chase’s Allegations and believes that the Election will be Fair. “I haven’t heard from the senator on this one, so I don’t know,” Youngkin told Reporters at an Event in Appomattox, according to a Recording provided by his Campaign. “I believe this election will be fair. I believe this election will come out big time in our favor.”

The Claims by Chase, a Conservative Provocateur in Richmond who was Censured by the Senate, after calling the Jan. 6 Insurrectionists “patriots”, are part of a Broader Narrative promoted by Republicans, including Youngkin, that there is cause to be concerned about Election Integrity in Tuesday’s Election. In recent weeks, GOP Poll Watchers have camped out at Early-Voting Sites and Local Elections Offices to Review Voter Rolls, and Monitor how Officials are conducting the Election.

Herring, a Two-term Incumbent who is running against State Del. Jason S. Miyares (R-82nd, Virginia Beach), said Chase’s Claims, if Unfounded, go beyond such efforts for more Transparency. “Let’s be clear: these kinds of baseless, false claims are simply designed to undermine confidence in our democracy and our elections,” Herring said in a News Release about the Letter sent to Chase. “If Sen. Chase has any evidence of cheating or voter fraud then she has an obligation to bring it to the attention of authorities who can do something about it rather than secretively sharing this supposed ‘evidence’ with political allies.”

The Letter emailed to Chase on Thursday was more Formal, saying that the Office can initiate Civil Action under the State’s Voting Rights Act, if there is reasonable cause to believe that a Voter’s Rights have been affected by Fraudulent Activity. “Therefore, if you have evidence of ongoing election fraud, cheating, or misconduct, please contact me as soon as possible so we may make arrangements to receive and review it,” read the Letter signed by Samuel T. Towell, Herring’s Deputy Attorney General for Civil Litigation.

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