Thursday, October 28, 2021

Former NY Gov. Charged With Forcible Touching Misdemeanor

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo(D), has been Charged with Forcible Touching Misdemeanor, Sex Crime in Albany City Court.

The Complaint, filed by an Albany County Sheriff's Department Investigator.

Forcible Touching is a Class A Misdemeanor, Intentionally, and for No Legitimate purpose:

(1) Forcibly Touching the Sexual or other Intimate Parts of another Person for the purpose of Degrading or Abusing such Person or for the purpose of Gratifying the Actor's Sexual Desire.

The alleged Crime took place at the Governor's Mansion on Dec. 7th, 2020, when Cuomo "intentionally and for no legitimate purpose" forcibly placed his Hand under the Blouse of an Unnamed Victim and onto an Intimate Body Part, "Specifically, the victim's left breast for the purposes of degrading and gratifying his sexual desires, all contrary to the provisions of the statute in such case made and provided," the Complaint said.

Under N.Y. Penal Law § 130.52; see id. § 70.15, Penalty is Maximum of One year in Prison.

Hours after the Criminal Complaint was filed, Cuomo's Attorney, Rita Glavin, said that the former Governor has "never assaulted anyone" and Charged that Albany County Sheriff, Craig Apple's Motives, "are patently improper."

“Sheriff Apple didn't even tell the District Attorney what he was doing. But Apple's behavior is no surprise given:

1) His August 7th Press Conference where he essentially pronounced the Governor Guilty before doing an Investigation.

(2) His Office's "Leaking of grand jury information," Glavin said in a Statement. "This is not professional law enforcement; this is politics."

Cuomo Spokesperson, Rich Azzopardi, also said it "reeks of Albany politics and perhaps worse. The truth about what happened with this cowboy sheriff will come out," Azzopardi said in a Statement.

The Albany City Court, has issued a Criminal Summons for Cuomo to appear in Court on Nov. 17th, the Sheriff said.

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