Thursday, May 23, 2019

Is are Republic Not so Representative Anymore?

Someone Angrily explaining that we need to Stop using the Term “Democracy” to describe the U.S. System of Government.

We're a REPUBLIC they say. Take a Civics Class.

Technically, we’re not a Pure Democracy. We’re a Representative Democracy, some prefer the term Republic.

We Elect the People who, in turn, make our Laws.

No matter what you call it, our Elected Leaders Represent Us, or at least they’re Supposed to.

The Problem is that our Leaders increasingly Represent their Parties and Donors rather than the People.

With that in mind, here are the Three things this week that made us think:

“Why Do We Let Political Parties Act Like Monopolies?” is the Question former Wyoming U.S. Senate Candidate Dave Dodson finds himself asking this week in the New York Times. The Political-Industrial Complex is Real, and it’s been specifically Designed to keep Competition Out. Dodson writes: “To the political parties, competition at the polls, where the best person wins, is not part of American democracy — not when they have incumbents to protect.” Instead of doing this in Plain Sight, Dodson argues, the Parties more often “hide 1,000 bear traps in the grass, rendering a successful challenge too unlikely for competitors to bother.”

Why our Representative Democracy is No longer very Representative. The Truth: All Sides need Democracy Reform. Money in Politics, the News Media that's becoming more Fragmented, the Mechanics of our Elections are all driving People to the Edges. We need to be able to have some Counter-Weighing Incentives to put People back together again.

Finally, if your faith in our Representative Democracy has been shaken, check out this Ted Talk: Eric Liu Proselytizes Faith in Democracy and gives you Steps you can take to Keep the Faith.

The good thing about Living in a Representative Democracy, albeit a Divided and Dysfunctional one, is that “We, the People” still have the Power to Fix it.

- We can Vote.

- We can Run for Office.

- We can Advocate for the Changes we’d Like to see.

That’s what we’re all about at Unite America.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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