Friday, May 24, 2019

CA All Independents Primary

The Independent Voter Project (IVP) has Launched a Campaign to create an All Independents Presidential Primary in California.

Independent Voting has joined a growing coalition of Reform Organizations to support the Campaign, including: the National Association of NonPartisan Reformers, Open Primaries, FairVote, Unite America, RepresentUs, and others.

The Campaign includes both a Legislative and Legal Strategy and seeks to create a Presidential Ballot for California's 5.6 Million Independent Voters, known in California as "No Party Preference" Voters.

Every Independent would receive a Primary Ballot that includes All the Presidential Candidates.

Political Parties can choose whether or Not to Count the Votes from this Ballot.

The Campaign asserts a very simple premise, "Elections should serve People, not Parties."

Said Chad Peace, IVP Attorney, "Let the Democratic Party have its primary ballot. Let the Republican Party have its primary ballot. Why not give California's 5 million nonpartisan tax-paying citizens who have exercised their first amendment right not to join either party the opportunity to cast a vote by simply providing them a ballot too?"

CLICK HERE to Sign the Petition.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker


richardwinger said...

The purpose of California Democratic and Republican presidential primaries is to elect delegates to national conventions. There is no public purpose in holding the type of presidential primary advocated above. It would just be an expensive (for taxpayers) public opinion poll, because it wouldn't be elected any delegates.

Furthermore, independent voters have been permitted to vote in all Democratic presidential primaries in California starting in 2000. And they were allowed to vote in the Republican presidential primaries in California in 2000, 2004, and perhaps 2020. The party hasn't decided yet.

mhdrucker said...

Since I want to vote for the candidates I selected, being allowed to vote in only one of the party's primaries doesn't work for me. I agree with you about the primary is to select delegates and is a party function. I think a judge would reject it as a right of association issue.