Thursday, April 19, 2018

WI Wants to Use Federal Funds to Block Hackers from Voting System

The Wisconsin Elections Commission outlined Initial Plans to use $7 Million in Federal Funds to thwart Hackers and Boost Election Security by Hiring Workers, Training Clerks, and Upgrading Software. But the State will have to come up with $350,000 to be eligible for the Federal Funds.

The Commissioners unanimously Signed-Off on the Framework of the Plan and asked Gov. Scott Walker's Administration to Approve it.

Department of Administration spokesman Steven Michels said the Administration is inclined to Grant Permission to accept the Federal Cash.

The move to Tighten Election security comes almost Two Years after Russian Agents targeted Election Systems around the Country, according to Federal Officials.

In the summer of 2016, Russian Government Actors tried Unsuccessfully to gain Access to a Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development system as they Scanned for Vulnerabilities they could Exploit at the Elections Commission, according to those Officials.

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