Thursday, April 19, 2018

Let America Vote New Campaign to Register High School Students

Let America Vote announced a New Campaign to Register High School Students before Graduation, calling the Campaign Cap, Gown, Vote!

They launched Cap, Gown, Vote! and joined forces with Mayors in Nine Cities to engage High School Seniors, get them Registered, and make sure they know just how important it is to go to the Polls in 2018.

46 Million Americans aged 18-29 are Eligible to Vote this year and play a Role creating Change in our Country.

But only 20% of Young Voters will cast a Ballot in this year's Midterm Elections.

We need to Change Course and get Young Americans Registered and Voting. That's why they launched Cap, Gown, Vote!

With help from the Mayors of St. Louis, Kansas City, Tampa, Birmingham, Milwaukee, Manchester, Nashua, Chattanooga, and Reno, they're going to reach out to High School Students and get them Registered and ready to vote.

President Trump and Republicans are trying to Rig Elections in their favor by pushing Laws that make it harder to Vote.

They Opened Offices in Five Key States. This 9-City push to get Students Registered to Vote is the Newest Expansion of their efforts.

Registering Young Voters like this are how we Protect our Democracy.

CLICK HERE for more information about Cap, Gown, Vote!

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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