Thursday, April 5, 2018

ME Independent Gov. Candidate Qualifies for Clean Elections Funds

With the help of more than 4,000 unique Contributors, Maine’s First Independent State Treasurer, Terry Hayes, has become only the Second Independent Candidate for Governor ever to Qualify for Clean Elections Funding since the Campaign Finance Reform Law was Approved by Maine’s Voters in 1996.

“I am deeply grateful to the Maine people for the opportunity to run for Governor beholden only to them, and not to party leaders, special interests, or wealthy campaign contributors." said Treasurer Hayes. "As Maine's next Governor, I am committed to getting big money out of politics, fixing our broken political system, and choosing people over partisanship."

Since Treasurer Hayes announced her Candidacy for Governor on April 14th, 2017, more than 2,000 people have made "Seed Money" Contributions of no more than $100 per Person to her Campaign. Seed Money has Funded Hayes' Campaign for the past year.

Since October 16th, 2017, more than 3,400 Maine Voters have made $5 Contributions to the Clean Elections Fund to help Treasurer Hayes Qualify. 100% of Qualifying Contributions and 82% of Seed Money Contributions came from Mainers. None of the Qualifying or Seed Money Contributions came from Special Interest PACs, Labor Unions, Corporations, or Parties.

“Maine people want the opportunity to vote for an experienced, independent, and courageous women to unite and lead Maine in a bold new direction. That’s why they stepped forward in record numbers to make seed and qualifying contributions to our campaign,” added Treasurer Hayes.

By Qualifying for Clean Elections Funds, the Hayes for Maine Campaign unlocks up to more than $2 Million in Financing. The Campaign receives its first Disbursement from the Clean Elections Fund immediately.

The Campaign will continue to collect $5 Contributions from Maine Voters through mid-October. For each batch of 1,200 Valid Contributions, the Campaign receives a $175,000 Disbursement.

Last week, Hayes Qualified for the November Ballot with more than 6,000 Signatures, that’s 2,000 more Signatures than were needed and Two Months Ahead of the Deadline.

CLICK HERE to Contributions, if Eligible, to the Clean Elections Fund.

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