Thursday, July 20, 2017

NYC Working Family Party Wants New Candidates

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio should be Denied a Place on the Working Families Party (WFP) Ballot Line in November, according to a Planned Legal Challenge that questions the Party's Process for Selecting Candidates. An Attorney with the Reform Party, Richard Luthmann, said he Plans to File an Objection to the WFP’s Endorsements in Races for Mayor, Public Advocate, and City Comptroller.

The Legal Objection may be Filed as early as this week, Luthmann said. It alleges the WFP Failed to follow State Election Rules in granting a Ballot Line using the so-called Wilson-Pakulas Waiver for Candidates who are not Members of the Party.

In Citywide Races, State Law requires Wilson-Pakulas be Granted by a Majority of Executive Members from the Five County Committees within New York City. In the Races for Mayor, Public Advocate, and Comptroller, the WFP issued Wilson-Pakulas from the State Party’s Executive Board.

Luthmann said he Plans to File the Objection on behalf of Reform Party Member Frank Morano. On Twitter this afternoon, Morano wrote "I'm hearing rumblings that @WorkingFamilies didn't follow election law in issuing their Wilson Pakulas. @BilldeBlasio may get bounced." The Reform Party endorsed former Councilman Sal Albanese for Mayor last month.

Bill Lipton, the State Director for the WFP, said the Party has followed its Long-Standing Procedures. “We properly followed the same process that has long led to great Working Families Party candidates qualifying for the ballot and winning elections citywide," Lipton said in a Statement. "We're confident that will again be the case this year."

A Spokesman for de Blasio's Re-Election Campaign, Dan Levitan, said the Mayor is "proud to be their nominee and we're confident we will appear on their ballot line."

The WFP's State Executive Board also issued Wilson Pakulas in Borough-wide Races, and City Council Races, which will not be affected by this Challenge.

The Reform Party is currently preparing to Defend its own Endorsement Process, though it faces a Different set of Requirements as a New Party that has yet to establish Party Committees in each County.

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