Thursday, July 20, 2017

House Votes to Skip Environmental Review on Pipeline Permits

House Republican Leaders are rushing through Bills to Expedite Pipeline Construction right before the August Recess.

The House voted 248-179 to hand over the Pipeline Approval Process to an Energy Agency with Zero Environmental Mandate.

If this latest attack passes the Senate, it will result in Kneejerk Approval of Gas Pipelines around the Country, regardless of the Risk they pose to the Environment.

This is just one prong of the Assault on the Environment. Interior Secretary Zinke has issued Preliminary Recommendations to Strip Protections from Bears Ears, and other National Monuments could be next.

To Prevent Trump from Implementing these Recommendations. a Campaign called Our Lands, Our Vote has started to stop Trump’s Attack on our National Treasures.

The Campaign is joining Tribal and other Groups to demand Banks and Companies to Divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline. Trump Greenlit the Pipeline just Three Months ago, and it’s already Leaking Dangerous Pollutants into Tribal Water Supplies, while Banks and Companies that have Invested in the Project Profit off this Environmental Destruction. This Campaign has already convinced several Companies to Withdraw their Funding.

Because Trump’s Budget is Radically Anti-Environment, and he’s already threatened a Government Shutdown to get what he wants. Trump's Budget massively Cuts the EPA, and specifically Targets the Programs that help the most Vulnerable and Marginalized in our Communities.

Because Trump just pulled us Out of the Paris Climate Agreement, more people than ever will feel the Effects of Catastrophic, Global Climate Change, and this move puts more People at Risk. But States and Cities are stepping up with Pledges to continue Acting on Climate.

CLICK HERE for more information about Our Lands, Our Vote Campaign.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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