Tuesday, June 27, 2017

NYS Universal Health Care System

The Campaign for New York Health is a Statewide Coalition dedicated to Passing and Implementing Legislation for Universal Health Care in New York State. Healthcare is a Human Right that should be accessible to all of us, not just those who can afford to pay.

The Senate Bill S4840 and Assembly Bill A4738.

A Universal system, often referred to as "Single-Payer," is the most Equitable and Affordable way to achieve Comprehensive Coverage for all, Freedom of Choice, Quality Care, Accountability, and Fair Payments to Health Care Providers. It is a system that Pays for Care, not Increasing Profits, will Save Lives and Money, Benefiting our whole Economy.

The Legislation is committed to Creating a system based on the following Principles:

Universal: Everyone is Included and can Meet their Health Care Needs:

- Free of User Charges or other Financial Barriers to Care, with: No Out-of-Pocket Costs, No Premiums, Copays, Deductibles, Coinsurance, or Out-of-Network Charges.

- Covers All New York State Residents regardless of Employment, Financial Status, Race, Age, Disability, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Immigration Status, or other Discrimination.

Comprehensive: Full Benefits and Choice of Provider:

- Fully Comprehensive, Covering all Medically Necessary Care, as determined by the Patient’s Health Care Professionals, Promoting Primary and Preventive Care, and Care Coordination.

- Full Choice of Health Care Providers, with Access to all Qualified Providers in the State who Choose to Participate in the Program, with No Restrictive Networks.

Equity: Funded fairly, based on Ability to Pay, with Access to High Quality Care assured for all New York Residents.

- Financed through Progressive Assessments on Earned Income (Payroll) and Taxable Non-Payroll Income (Capital Gains, Dividends, and Interest). Employers Pay the Majority of Costs for their Employees.

- Incorporates Community Health Care Needs Assessment and Planning to Ensure that Needed Health Care Services are Available and Accessible in every Community in the State.

- Public Planning of Health Care Facilities to assure that All Residents have Access to High Quality Health Care in their Communities.

- Allowing Health Care Providers to Collectively Negotiate Payment Methodologies and other Terms.

Accountability and Transparency: The People running the Plan will be Accountable to the People of New York. The Plan will be Run according to Public Policies and Laws.

- All Policies, Data, and Processes related to the Design, Decision-Making, Management, and Operation of the Plan are Open, Clear, and Accessible to All.

- The Plan is Accountable to the People it Serves, not to Insurance Company Executives or Stockholders.

Participation: Everyone has a Meaningful Voice in Decisions that Impact Us All.

- The Health System includes Meaningful Public Participation in all Decisions Affecting People’s Access to Care.

- Inclusion of all New Yorkers in the Plan Guarantees the Highest Quality of Coverage and Care.

A 2015 Study by Gerald Friedman, PhD, Chair of UMass Amherst Economics Department, documents $45 billion Net Savings to Families, Businesses, and Taxpayers if the New York Health Act is implemented. The Study details that 98% of Households would Pay Less for Health Care than they do now and 200,000 Jobs would be Created.

CLICK HERE for more information about the New York Health Act.

New York is not the only State looking at Single-Payer Healthcare. Lawmakers in: California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island are Proposing or looking to Propose Single-Payer Bills this year.

What is your State doing about Universal Health Care?

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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