Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Working Families Flexibility Act

Before Congress returns from Recess next week, there is Legislative attacking Working Families that needs your review.

The House will consider “Working Families Flexibility Act” (H.R. 1180), which allows Employers to deny Overtime Pay when Employees work extra Hours. This Legislation would disproportionately impact Women, People of Color, and Low-Income workers, who rely on Overtime Pay to make ends meet.

This Legislative move aims to Overwork and Underpay working People.

When an Employee works Overtime, they should be Compensated for their Hours. But under this Bill, Employers can avoid Paying for those Extra Hours, Interest-Free, for up to 13 months. In exchange, they can offer future “Comp Time,” but it’s not Guaranteed and Employers can deny the request if it seems “Disruptive.”

This Bill reduces Working People’s Income on Payday, and by Delaying Payment for Vvertime for months and months, puts Employees’ Pay at risk if anything happens to the Business. In 2013 alone, 400,000 small Businesses Closed. Nothing in the Legislation provides Workers whose Employer goes Out of Business with a Guarantee to receive Payment for Accrued Comp Time.

This bill is yet another ruse to cut Costs at the Expense of Working Families. Instead of offering Flexibility, this Bill would erode Hourly Workers’ ability to earn a Fair Living and Control their work Schedules.

Make sure your Members of Congress stand with Working Folks and Reject this Bill, as written, as soon as it reaches the House Floor.

CLICK HERE Tell your Representative today: Don’t Steal Overtime Pay from Working People!

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