Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Former Erie County NY Dem. Committee Chairman Faces Felony Election Law Charges

Three prominent Western New York Political Operatives are scheduled to face felony Election Law Charges tomorrow, according to a source familiar with the Case.

Among them is former Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Steve Pigeon, who is already in the midst of Criminal proceedings for allegedly Bribing a State Supreme Court Justice.

Pigeon with ties to High-Profile Democrats, including former President Clinton and Gov. Cuomo, faces Nine Separate Charges in connection with a Bribery Case involving a now-former State Supreme Court Judge. Steven Pigeon pleaded not guilty to all Counts in State Supreme Court this morning. This is the culmination of a long and well-documented Public Corruption Investigation by the State attorney general’s office.

Pigeon faces two Counts of Bribery, six Counts awarding Misconduct, and one Count of Grand Larceny. The Indictment handed up by a special Grand Jury two days ago was unsealed in Court earlier today. Pigeon’s Attorney Paul Cambria waived a reading of the Indictment. If Convicted on all Counts Pigeon could face up to 15 years in Prison. Cambria said he doesn’t expect this case to get to Sentencing.

“The prosecution says it has a strong case, made stronger yesterday when state Supreme Court Judge John Michalek took a plea deal and admitted to taking bribes from Pigeon,” said Paul Cambria, Defense Attorney.

The Prosecution said its Case is stronger because of the cooperation agreement it reached with State Supreme Court John Michalek, who pleaded Guilty to two Felonies Wednesday and agreed to Resign his Seat on the Bench. He is continuing to cooperate with Investigators in hopes of avoiding time behind Bars.

“I will not stand for this kind of brazen contempt for the rule of law and the interests of everyday New Yorkers. Anyone who breaches the public trust will be held accountable by my office. Our investigation is ongoing,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.

Most of the Charges in the Pigeon Indictment involve the series of favors exchanged between him and the Judge, including an attempt on at least one occasion by Pigeon to get Cuomo to Appoint Michalek to an Associate Judgeship in the Appellate Division.

The Charge of Grand Larceny involve an Unnamed Attorney whom Pigeon allegedly extorted for about $5,000. That same Attorney was appointed by Michalek as a Receiver at Pigeon’s request, even though Schneiderman said he only had about two years of experience.

The Prosecution asked the Judge to set bail at $25,000. Despite the Defense arguing Pigeon has known about this Investigation for a year and a half and was no threat to flee, the Judge set Bail at $10,000 cash. The Defense had a Bondsmen at Court and was processing the Bond immediately after the Hearing.

Two other Pigeon Associates connected to the WNY Progressive Caucus, a Political Action Committee (PAC), Kristy Mazurek and David Pfaff, are also scheduled to appear in Court. Mazurek had a failed run for State Assembly this past fall and has been cooperating with the Prosecution for at least a year and a half.

Pre-Trial Motions need to be in by Aug. 16th.

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