Sunday, September 25, 2016

Clinton Campaign Releases List of Fact-Checked Trump Lies

The Hillary Clinton Campaign held a special press call, to call on the debate moderator, media, and voters to fact check Donald Trump.

In order to help the press, debate moderators, and voters fact check Trump, the Clinton campaign has released 19 pages of Trump lies.

HFA Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said, “Donald Trump has shown a clear pattern of repeating provably false lies hoping that nobody will correct him. As we head into this debate, we want voters and viewers to be on alert that they should keep track. Any candidate that tells this many lies, clearly can’t win the debate on the merits.”

Even if this list doesn’t give the voters pause, or the moderators pause, it should give the press some serious pause, if not to be embarrassed by the wholly unprofessional job they’ve done about holding Trump to some kind of account.

CLICK HERE to read the list.

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