Saturday, February 20, 2016

Washington Government Accountability Act, Initiative Measure No. 1464

On February 16, Initiative Measure No. 1464 was filed in the State of Washington, called the Washington Government Accountability Act.

The Act would change the accountability of Washington's system of electoral politics to the people.

(1) The people find and declare that accountability to the people is of the utmost importance in Washington's system of electoral politics. Today, that system is tainted with a perception of corruption, insufficient participation by citizens (who believe they have an insignificant role to play in our democracy), inadequate disclosure of relevant information to the public on political advertising and paid lobbying, and inadequate enforcement of the laws intended to address these concerns.

(2) The Washington government accountability act is intended to increase accountability to the public in Washington's system of electoral politics by:

(a) Preventing corruption and the perception of corruption in government by strengthening campaign contribution limits, establishing additional restrictions on campaign financing, and prohibiting certain government officials and employees from receiving compensation to lobby state government;

(b) Promoting citizen participation and open political discussion by establishing an effective system for citizen financing of election campaigns;

(c) Better informing the electorate by improving public disclosure of information related to political advertising and lobbying; and

(d) Improving enforcement of the laws governing electoral politics by facilitating the reporting of violations, expanding enforcement authority, providing resources for enforcement efforts, and increasing potential penalties for violators.

CLICK HERE to read the 23 page (PDF) Washington Government Accountability Act, Initiative Measure No. 1464.

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