Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nevada Caucus Tie Will Be Decided By One-Card Draw

When in Las Vegas, what better what better way to break a tie in a political Caucus then with a deck of cards.

There will be 250 Caucus locations including the Wynn, Caesars Place, other casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, and remote outposts near Indian reservations. Voting will start at 11am.

In a Nevada Caucus, anyone can vote, including any non-party members, by using same-day registration. Then they can re-register anytime after they vote. Between the Dem. and Rep. Caucus, it looks like Nevada laws would not prevent voters using same-day registration to vote in both party Caucuses. A major problem for the BOE (Richard Winger of Ballot Access News reminds me there is no BOE, so Secretary of State and County clerks) to make sure a voter did not vote twice.

In the rare circumstances where the vote is tied at a precinct-level delegates vote, the tie is broken by a single card draw with high card wins from a supplied deck of cards.


In Precinct 10, Clinton drew an ace while Sanders drew a six, according to a tweet from a Wall Street Journal reporter. That gave Clinton three delegates to Sanders's two from that precinct.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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richardwinger said...

There are no Boards of Elections in Nevada. There is a Secretary of State and county clerks.