Thursday, February 2, 2023

U.S. Increases Military Role In Philippines

The Two Countries announced an Agreement, that would allow the U.S. to gain Access to Four more Sites in the Philippines.

The plans for a Larger U.S. Military Presence in the Country, come amid fears about a possible Chinese Invasion of Taiwan.

The Deal signifies the First time in 30 years, that the U.S. will have such a Large Military presence in the Philippines.

Among the U.S.’s Five Treaty allies in Asia, the Philippines and Japan, are closest geographically to Taiwan, with the Philippines’ Northernmost Island of Itbayat, just 93 miles away.

The Philippines’ Defense Secretary, declined to name the Locations of the Four additional sites, but U.S. Officials have long eyed access to Land in the Philippines’ Northern Territory, such as the Island of Luzon, as a way to counter China in the event that it Attacks Taiwan.

Since he took Office last June, Manila's President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., has sought to revive his Country’s Relationship with the U.S., after it Deteriorated under Rodrigo Duterte. Officials have started building Contingency Plans for a possible Chinese Invasion of Taiwan.

A Spokeswoman for China’s Foreign Ministry, accused the U.S. of threatening Regional Peace and Stability with its Announcement. She said Countries in the Region should “avoid being coerced and used by the United States.”

China and the U.S. are wooing Indonesia. Its Strategic location, with about 17,000 Islands, straddling thousands of miles of vital Sea Lane, is a Defensive necessity, as both sides gear up for a possible Conflict over Taiwan.

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