Saturday, June 11, 2022

Trump New Air Force One Scrapped By Biden Administration

It's been about a year and a half since Biden took Office as the U.S. 46th President. The Question of the Future of the New Air Force One, started under Trump, was far from a Priority. However, after keeping all in suspense on this Issue, we finally have Confirmation that the current Administration will not continue due to, increased Costs associated with the Trump's Dark Blue paint scheme.

A recent Air Force Study concluded, that the Darker Colors of the proposed Plane could contribute to excessive Temperatures on the aircraft.

“Further analysis concluded darker colors, among other factors, on the underside of the VC-25B aircraft might contribute to temperatures exceeding the current qualification limits of a small number of components,” Ann Stefanek, U.S. Air Force Spokesperson said.

The Trump Plane could drive "additional engineering, time, and cost." the Air Force One Replacement program is already Over Budget and behind Schedule.

Despite Saving the Government an Undisclosed, or Undetermined, amount of money, the Decision on the Future of the VC-25Bs holds a Great amount of Symbolism. Indeed, it was more than the question of "which design looks better?" Rather, going with Trump's Paint scheme would have been a very Visual reminder of his time in Office, a reminder that would have lasted several Decades. Perhaps until a Supersonic Replacement is developed.

The VC-25B is Boeing's Military Version of the 747.

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