Wednesday, June 8, 2022

SD Ballot Mix Up Causes Voter Frustrations

Although most South Dakota Elections went smoothly, there were some issues, and some wonder if Redistricting is Confusing both Poll Workers and Voters. That’s when Candidate John Sjaarda’s Phone started ringing. “You’re better come down. Your name is not on the ballot. So that’s weird. So it came down here to talk to them so they got the wrong ballot. They got the ballot for district 25 Instead of district two,” said Sjaarda.

He believes the splitting of Valley Springs into Two Districts is Confusing. “I mean, to have two districts and one precinct that’s just asking for trouble. I don’t know why that would even be an option,” said Sjaarda.

Recent Redistricting has created more Towns with Multiple Districts. According to Minnehaha County Auditor Ben Kyte, that could have been One of the reasons 8 to 10 Precincts reported Incorrect Ballots were handed to Voters. “So we discovered that early, so that mitigated the effect of those,” said Kyte.

District 6 had an issue of more Democratic Ballots cast than Registered Democrats on the Voter Rolls. “They should have received a nonpolitical ballot for districts 9 and 11. Instead, they were given the democratic ballot for district 11,” said Kyte.

After discussing the situation with the Secretary of State’s Office, Kyte, along with the State’s Attorney’s Office, approached a Minnehaha County Judge to grant an Order to Open the Ballots and bring 21 Ballots before the Election Resolution Board. The Judge granted the Order.

“We had to recreate those 21 Ballots as Nonpolitical, taking them off the Democratic Vote,” said Kyte. That Change will Not affect the Outcome of the Election.

All of this continues with the Organizational help of Kyte. He will be handing over the Responsibility to a New Auditor soon.

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