Friday, May 6, 2022

Senate Confirms Key Ambassador Slots

The Senate has Voted to Confirm Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of President John F. Kennedy, to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Australia, and Philip Goldberg to serve as Ambassador to South Korea.

Kennedy served as U.S. Ambassador to Japan from 2013-2017 during Barack Obama's Presidency. Goldberg is a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service and has been serving as U.S. Ambassador to Colombia.

Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA), said shortly before the Senate action, that it was critical for the U.S. to have Goldberg in Seoul, citing North Korea's launch Wednesday of a Ballistic Missile toward its Eastern waters.

“South Korea is one of our most important trading partners. South Korea is one of our most important security partners," Ossoff said. “We need a U.S. ambassador to lead our mission in South Korea."

The Senate also confirmed:

- Mark Nathanson to be Ambassador to Norway

- MaryKay Loss Carlson to be Ambassador to the Philippines

- John Nkengasong to Coordinate U.S. efforts to Combat HIV-AIDS Globally.

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