Monday, May 16, 2022

MO Legislature Passes New Congressional Map

The Missouri Senate Approved a New Congressional Map on Thursday evening, pushing a last-minute Proposal through the Chamber despite continued Opposition from some Republicans.

Passage of the Map comes after nearly Five months of Infighting and Stalemates in the Senate, numerous trashed Drafts and a previous attempt that got inches from the finish line, before stalling out. Debate began on the matter with just over 24 hours remaining until the Legislature’s Friday evening Deadline and ended in a 22-11 Vote.

The Final Version will likely retain Missouri’s current Partisan Alignment, with Six Districts favoring Republicans, and Two favoring Democrats.

It passed the House last week after Lawmakers renewed their push to fulfill their Constitutional obligation, with Lawsuits filed in both State and Federal Courts looming. The House will need to take a Final Vote of approval before the Deadline.

“This map is a result of compromise,” said State Sen. Mike Bernskoetter (R-6th District, Jefferson City), who Chairs the Redistricting Committee. “Everybody’s been given an opportunity to be heard and I don’t think anybody could say different.”

St. Louis City’s 1st District remains the Majority-Minority District for the State, according to the Voting Rights Act.

The 5th District in Kansas City will remain in Democratic hands, despite attempts from some Republicans to cut it out, in a more aggressive “7-1” Map adding another GOP Seat.

The 2nd District in Suburban St. Louis, will still favor Republicans, but could become Competitive for Democrats, if Voting trends in that Region continue.

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