Monday, May 16, 2022

Loophole Gives Pipeline Builders Green Light To Cut Corners And Pollute Clean Water

Fossil Fuel Pipelines threaten our Rivers, Streams, and Wetlands.

They can Pollute Drinking Water Sources and Damage Wildlife Habitat. They lead to Pollution that fuels the Climate Crisis, and Threatens our ability to meet the Goals needed to Protect our Planet.

And yet, dangerous Pipeline Projects are in the Works across the U.S.

Many of these ill-conceived Projects, move forward thanks to a Loophole known as Nationwide Permit 12 (NWP12), a notoriously Problematic License under the Clean Water Act, that is used to Fast-Track Pipelines without proper Environmental Review.

Nationwide Permits are a type of General Permit issued by the Chief of Engineers and are designed to Regulate with little, if any, Delay or Paperwork certain Activities in Federally Jurisdictional Waters and Wetlands, where those Activities would have No more than Minimal Adverse Environmental Impacts.

The Army Corps of Engineers is inviting Public Comments on NWP12 through May 27, so we have an important Opportunity to close that Loophole and help Stop Dangerous, Climate-busting Fossil Fuel Pipelines from seeing the light of day.

NWP12 has allowed Fossil Fuel Companies to build Pipelines that threaten Communities, Drinking Water Sources, and Wetlands. This includes: the notorious Dakota Access Pipeline that Travels under both the Missouri River and Lake Oahe; a Reservoir that is the Primary Water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.

Compromising this critical Water source would pose an Imminent Threat to the Safety of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Canceling NWP12 is One Major step, we can take to Protect our Clean Water, Wetlands, and stop disastrous Pipeline Projects from jeopardizing Communities, our Health, and the Environment.

Blocking Dirty energy pipelines is critical to fighting the climate crisis and securing an equitable 100% clean energy future.

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