Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Biden's Commerce Dept. Stifling Solar Power

There’s a serious Problem brewing at the Commerce Department, that could Destroy the entire U.S. Solar Industry.

Solar Panel supply Problems are already causing Utilities to keep Coal Plants Open, instead of moving to Clean Renewable Solar power. Joe Biden needs to fix it.

In February, a small Silicon Valley Solar Manufacturer, Auxin Solar, initiated a Petition alleging that Chinese Solar Manufacturers were avoiding U.S. Tariffs, by sourcing Chinese-made Solar Panel Parts through, other Asian Countries such as: Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The Commerce Department has to Investigate by Law, but it’s investigating Verry Slowly. Because it’s Not like there’s a Planetary Crisis requiring Immediate Action.

Already, an Indiana Utility announced that it can’t get Solar Plants Online by next year, because of the “uncertainty and delays” caused by the Auxin Investigation, so it’s going to keep an old Coal-Burning Plant Open a few more years.

And it’s Not alone. Fully 83% of U.S. based Solar Installers are reporting Canceled or Delayed Supplies of Solar Panels thanks to Auxin. That means Americans Losing their Clean Energy Jobs.

Folk in the Biden Administration, like Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, and Climate Hawk John Kerry, said they are Exasperated, Alarmed, and Deeply Concerned.

But the Commerce Department’s Bureaucrats countinue to take their sweet time. They’re supposed to Publish Preliminary Findings August 30th, with a Final ruling in January 2023. That’s way too long for our Climate.

The only thing that can Fix this Mess: Political Pressure!

CLICK HERE To Tell the Commerce Department to Stop Stifling Solar Power.

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