Sunday, April 10, 2022

White House Trump And Pence Gift Records Missing

The State Department says it is unable to compile a Complete and Accurate accounting of Gifts presented to Trump, his Family, Pence, and other U.S. Officials by Foreign Governments, during Trump’s Final year in Office, citing Missing data from the White House.

In a Report to be published in the Federal Register, next week, the: General Services Administration (GSA), and the Executive Office of the President, did Not submit Information about Gifts from Foreign Leaders in 2020.

The State Department said, it sought the missing information from: National Archives, Records Administration, and the GSA, but was told that “potentially relevant records” are Not available because of access Restrictions related to Retired records.

The State Department’s Office of Protocol, reported the situation in Footnotes, to a partial list of Gifts received by U.S. Officials in 2020.

The Office publishes such Lists annually, in part to guard against potential Conflicts-of-Interest.

A Preview of the 2020 Report was posted on the Federal Register website on Friday, ahead of its formal Publication on Monday.

The Report notes that the lack of Gift Information could be related to Internal Oversights, as the Protocol Office neglected to “submit the request for data to all reporting agencies prior to January 20, 2021,” when the Trump Administration ended, and the Biden Administration began.

However, it also noted that there had been a “lack of adequate recordkeeping pertaining to diplomatic gifts” between Jan. 20, 2017, when Trump took Office, and his Departure from the White House Four years later.

And a number of Gifts, that were received with Photo coverage, are missing.

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