Monday, April 25, 2022

RCV Update 4-25-2022

Campaigns that support the Ranked-Choice-Voting (RCV) Initiatives in Missouri and Nevada have received Millions in Contributions, ahead of their Signature Deadlines:


The Nevada Voters First PAC, is leading the Campaign and Signature drive for the Nevada Top-Five Ranked Choice Voting Initiative.

The Initiative would amend the Nevada Constitution to establish Open Top-Five Primaries and RCV for the General Elections. The Change would apply to Congressional, Gubernatorial, State Executive Offices, and State Legislative Elections.

Through March 31st, the PAC received $2.26 million. Katherine Gehl, Founder of the Institute for Political Innovation, and former CEO of Gehl Foods, Inc., contributed $1 million. The Final Five Fund, Inc., which the Institute for Political Innovation lists as a 501(c)(4) counterpart, contributed $488,000. The Nevada Association of Realtors and Strategic Horizons, a Committee associated with the Clark County Education Association, each donated $250,000. Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder of LinkedIn, contributed $100,000, as did the organization Unite America.

June 21st is the Deadline to file Signatures. At least 135,561 valid Signatures are required for the Initiative to make the Ballot.

In Nevada, initiated Constitutional Amendments need to be Approved at Two successive General Elections, so it would start for the July 1st, 2025 Primary, if pasted.


In Missouri, the Better Elections PAC is leading the Campaign behind the Top-Four RCV Ballot Initiative.

Better Elections received $4.3 million through March 31st. More than 98% of the PAC’s Funding came from the Organization Article IV, a Nonprofit Organization based in Virginia. Article IV is associated with John and Laura Arnold, whose Organization Action Now Initiative contributed to RCV-related Ballot Initiatives in previous years.

The Signature deadline is May 8th. The Number of Signatures required is Equal to 8% of the Votes cast for Governor, in the previous Gubernatorial Election in Six of the State’s Eight Congressional Districts.

The Smallest number of Valid Signatures required is 160,199. The Actual number required depends on the Districts from which the Signatures were gathered.

Under the Initiative, All Candidates would appear on the Primary Ballot. The Initiative would allow the Party Affiliation of Candidates to be identified on the Ballot. The Four Candidates that receive the most Votes in the Primary, would advance to a RCV General Election. The Initiative would require a space for Write-In Votes on the Primary Election Ballot, but Not on the General Election Ballot.

The Initiative covers Elections for Statewide Office, the General Assembly, and Congress.

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