Thursday, April 14, 2022

NYC Mayor Reboots Gifted And Talented Program

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D), and Schools Chancellor David Banks (D), announced an Expansion of the Department of Education’s Gifted and Talented Program on Thursday.

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said the Program favored White and Wealthy Families in New York City Public Schools, and Unveiled a Plan to phase out the Program in October 2021.

Instead of following through on De Blasio’s Plan to Scrap the Program, Adams intends to Expand it with 100 New Seats available for Kindergarteners, and 1,000 New Seats for Third Graders. The New Seats will ensure Eligibility for Students in all 32 School Districts.

"Expanding our Gifted and Talented program to all New York City districts is about giving every child, in every zip code, a fair chance and making sure no child is left behind," said Adams. "For the first time ever, there will be a Gifted and Talented program in every school district in this city. This is how we give every young person an opportunity to grow, to learn, to explore their talents and imagination."

Historically, the Entry Point to the Program has been Kindergarten, but Adams hopes by Testing Older Children, the Program will become more Equitable.

Current Pre-K Teachers will Evaluate their Students for a potential Nomination with Siblings given Priority.

Universal Screening was implemented in the 2021-2022 School year, in an attempt to Diversify those Eligible. Before then, the Program relied on Submissions from Parents.

The Extra 100 Kindergarten Seats makes a total of 2,500.

Eligibility for the 1,000 New Third Grade Seats, will be determined by Students’ Grades in the Four Core Subject areas. The Top 10% of Second Graders will be invited to Apply.

The Adams Administration plans to create Entry Points to the Program, in Fourth and Fifth Grade. in the coming years.

Applications will Open May 31st and offers should go out in July.

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