Friday, April 29, 2022

NY Will Now Have Two Primay Dates

After New York's Higheat Court, the Court of Appeals, threw out the Redrawn Congressional and NY Senate Maps on Wednesday, ruling that the Lines were improperly Approved by the Democratic-controlled Legislature and Drawn with Partisan intent.

The Steuben County Judge, Patrick McAllister, overseeing the Redrawing of New York’s Maps, has ordered Two Primary Elections Dates. The Court of Appeals, left the State Assembly Districts intact.

McAllister, picked Carnegie Mellon University Professor, Jonathan Cervas, as Special Master charged with Drawing the New Congressional and NY Senate Maps.

In the Order issued Friday afternoon, McAllister set Aug. 23rd as the date for State Senate and Congressional Primary Elections.

The New York State Board of Elections wrote in a letter to the Court Thursday, that such a date would give County Boards enough time to Prepare and Mail Absentee Ballots.

The State’s Primary Elections will be held on June 28th, for all other Races: Governor, and Lt. governor, and Assembly.

McAllister did acknowledge that the State Legislature may change the Primaries to coincide with the Rescheduled State Senate and Congressional Races.

McAllister noted in his Order Friday, that the Court will provide additional Details on Ballot Access at a later time.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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