Tuesday, April 19, 2022

NY Democrats Want A ‘Fair Deal Party’ for Hochul This November

New York Democratic Party Chairman, Jay Jacobs said Monday, that he hopes creating a New Third Party will help keep things fair for Gov. Hochul (D) on the November Ballot.

Jacobs said his push for the Creation of a New Dem-centered Third party, dubbed the “Fair Deal Party”, is meant to even things out and ensure the Governor will have her Name on at least Two Ballot Lines this Fall, if she wins the Democratic Primary, the same as her eventual Republican Challenger.

“The reality is the Republicans have two lines. Right now, Kathy Hochul, who we expect will win the Democratic Primary, will have one line guaranteed,” Jacobs said.

Candidates in New York can run on more than One line, a concept known as Fusion Voting, and Republicans often also run on the Conservative Party Ballot Line.

The Progressive Working Families Party (WFP), which often but Not always aligns with Dems, is currently backing New York City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams (D) in his bid to unseat Hochul. Should he lose the Democratic Primary, Williams could remain on the Ballot in November under the WFP banner.

Jacobs said that possibility prompted the push for a New Party as he brushed off Criticisms that he is attempting to pick a fight with Progressives.

“This is not about a philosophical argument attacking the left. It’s not about that,” he said. “It’s not always about the far-left.

“Had the Working Families Party not given its line to Jumaane Williams but given it to Kathy Hochul, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” he added.

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