Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Democrats Allowed To Challenge AZ Election Law

The Democratic Party is entitled to Challenge an Arizona Law, that results in GOP Candidates being listed First on most Ballots, a Court ruled Friday.

A Three-Judge Panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, said there is reason to believe the system, established by the Republican-controlled Legislature, is Unconstitutional.

The Judges cited the fact that in the 2020 General Election, 82% of Arizonans got Ballots that listed Republican Candidates first.

The Challengers presented Evidence that whichever Candidate is listed First, has an inherent Advantage, said Judge Jed Rakoff, writing for the Court.

Friday’s Ruling does Not overturn the 1979 Law. But it sends the Case back to U.S. District Court Judge Diane Humetewa, in Phoenix, who threw it out last year.

She said at the time, it was Not the job of Federal Courts to decide that the System is Unfair, nor that the Solution proposed by Challengers, rotating the Ballot positions of Democrats and Republicans, is any better.

How would you change it? Maybe a drawing for position?

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