Thursday, April 28, 2022

CA Bill To Ban RCV Fails

A California Bill (AB 2808), would roll back Momentum behind Ranked-Choice-Voting (RCV), was stopped in Committee Wednesday.

If approved, the Legislation would have Banned RCV use Statewide, including in Jurisdictions that use it for Local Elections.

AB 2808, authored by Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell (D-70th District), makes several False assertions about the alternative Voting Method to paint it as Undemocratic. The Bill, also robs Voters of the ability to decide for themselves what kind of Elections they want.

These California Cities have already opted to use RCV, according to the Advocacy group, California Ranked Choice Voting Coalition:

- San Francisco - adopted 2002, implemented in 2004.

- Berkeley - adopted 2004, implemented in 2010.

- Oakland - adopted in 2006, implemented in 2010.

- San Leandro - adopted in 2000, implemented in 2010.

- Albany - implemented in 2022.

- Eureka - implemented in 2022.

- Palm Desert - implemented in 2022.

O’Donnell reportedly asked Committee Members to use RCV to Vote on the Bill, which would have been a futile exercise since Members either Support or Oppose the Advancement of Legislation, or they Abstain from Voting. But, RCV exists for Elections with more than Two Options.

AB 2808 failed to garner a Single Motion of Support, and will die in Committee.

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