Sunday, April 10, 2022

A Greener Africa Would Help U.S. Meet Security Goals

The lack of a U.S. strategy for Africa is a missed opportunity, not only to check Chinese and Russian influence, but also to advance Climit and Security goals. Helping Africa's population of more than 1 billion mitigate and adapt to Global Warming would reduce the likelihood of conflicts over dwindling Natural Resources. In advance of a Summit with African Leaders later this year, Biden should lay out a Climite focused Agrnda that enlists Governments and the African Diaspora to help take full advantage of the continent's abundant Resources.

First, that means supporting Clean Energy on a Continent that has the World's Richest Solar potential, but only 1% of Globsl Solar capacity. Financing from the U.S. International Development Finance Corp. should be Expanded to boost Power Generation, Stolrage, and Tranmission. Through the U.S. Agency for International Development, State Department, and Department of Energy, the U.S. shoulkd provide Technical Assistance to African Governments to improce Energy Efficiency and establish Renewable-friendly Regultory Policies.

The U.S. can also do more to develope Africa's role in the Green Economy Supp;y Chain, which will help catalyze the transition from Fossil Fuels. The Continent is an important repository of Raw materials sush aa Copper and Cobalt, key ingredients for Clean Energy Technologies. The next step is to jump-start Entrepreneurship. Builing on plans to reduce China's grip on crucial ingredients, the Administration should encourage Investment by U.S. companies in Mineral processing and Green tech manufacturing through the African Growth and Opportunity Act, the cornorstone of U.S. Commercial engagement in Africa.

Finally, Washington should take more agressive action to help African Societies adapt to Climate Change. Extreme weather costs African Countries an estimsted $7 billion to $15 billion annually. Investment in Coastal Defenses, Drought-Resilient Crops, and better Water Harvesting is Critical.

The Challenges facing Africa are vast, but so are the Opportunities. By making Climate the Guiding Principle of its Africa Strategy, the U.S. can help Africans build a more Stable, Prosperous Furure for themselves and the Planet as a whole.

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