Thursday, March 24, 2022

White House Knew March To Capital Was Illegal By The Permit

Before Trump exhorted the Jan. 6th Rally to March on the Capitol, the White House was Warned, by the Rally Sponsor, that there was No Permit for a March, that the Interior Department's Park Police were Promised there would be No March, and that such an Unplanned March was Dangerous, and anyone going to the Capital had to wait until the Confirmation Proces was Over.

As a result, the Capital Police were Stunned, Undermanned, and Unprepared for Trump's surprise Launch of Thousands of his enraged Trump Supporters, some Armed, on the Capitol.

"I mean, it was shocking. It's something we advocated against doing for exactly the reasons that ended up playing themselves out," said a high-level source, inside Women for America First, the Organization that held the Interior Department Permit for the Rally, that was partially payed for by a LLC, which belonged to Ivanka and Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Even more damning, the March, Trump set in motion, was Led and Promoted by Ali Alexander, Head of Stop the Steal. The Palast Investigative Team filmed Alexander, only weeks before the Riot, exhorting a crowd "Either they take Trump ...[or] we'll light the whole sh*t on fire!"

The White House had been warned about Alexander and his dangerous Plan to move on the Capitol. The Leaders of Woman for America First sent several Frantic, Angry Text Messages to the White House, warning that such a March was both Illegal and Dangerous. "When Ali was putting up things about the Capitol on the sixth, [we were] screen-shotting that, sending it to people both at Parks and at the White House, a couple of times, like 'WTF'!"a Organizer source said.

One series of Texts between the Sponsors apparently sent Two days before the Rally reads, "Did you see that Ali's website says we are marching at 1." The reply: "We've just had to up our numbers with the NPS [National Park Service] and we can't say anyone is marching."

It is impossible to Confirm the Authenticity of the Texts, which could be self-serving creations after the Fact. However, Women for America First Founders, Amy and Kylie Jane Kremer, who have had a well-reported Feud with Alexander and Alex Jones, the Radio Host with whom Alexander had teamed to Lead the March.

It is credible that the Kremers would have tried to Prevent their sworn Enemy from using their Rally to launch a March which would leave the Group on the hook for Violation of their Permit.

The permit issued by the U.S. Interior Department, which has Jurisdiction over Federal Parkland, says: "Women for America First will not conduct an organized march from the Ellipse at the conclusion of the rally." It adds, "Some participants may leave to attend rallies at the United States Capitol to hear results of Congressional certification of the Electoral College count." But an "organized march" was Not allowed.

The insider claims that, Woman for America First was quite worried that they had No Marshals to keep the Crowd in line. "We did advocate against [the march] for all kinds of reasons. So, excuse me, it's not a big stretch to say when you have a bunch of people heading that way, it's going to be a problem."

The First news that there would be, despite warnings, an Illegal, Uncontrolled March was at 12:15 pm, when Trump himself surprised the Protest Organizers with his announcement. "I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard," Trump said.

The March on the Capitol, was set in motion, when the President announced he himself would Join it. "The announcement that he was going to go was news to us," the Insider said. "But then [Trump] said he's walking! It caught our team by surprise and unprepared."

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