Friday, March 18, 2022

Trump Campaign Ordered To Pay For Unenforceable NDA

The Campaign Organization for Trump, was recently Ordered, to hand over more than $350,000 in Legal Fees and Expenses, after attemping to Enforce an "Unenforceable" Nondisclosure Agreement against an Ex-Staffer, reported Friday.

An Arbitrator in the Nonpublic Arbitration Case found, that though Alva Johnson's, the Ex-Staffer, attempt to Sue Trump Failed, his Campaign was Unable to "invoke a legally unsound nondisclosure agreeement".

Johnson had alleged the Trump once tried to forcibly kiss her, and also made Claims of Pay Discrimination.

The March 10th Order requiring the Trump Campaign to Pay Johnson.

Trump has often used Arbitration to try and keep unseemly Claims Out of the Limelight, rather than allow an Issue to go to Court and risk Public Hearings and Documents.

During his Campaign in 2016, many Staffers were directed to sign NDAs "that broadly barred them from sharing information about the campaign or saying negative things about Trump, his family, and his businesses."

But in Two previous Cases involving Ex-Staffers and the NDAs, "a judge and an arbitrator concluded that key sections of that agreement were too vague and ill-defined to be constitutionally enforceable,".

In Johnson's Case, the Arbitrator found the previous Rulings to be persuasive enough, and subsequently Dismissed the Campaign's Complaint against her.

Her Lawyers then requested that, as the Winning Party, the Trump Campaign pay their Legal Bills.

The Arbitrator, Victori Bianchini, Agreed, and Ordered Team Trump to pay $303,285, as well as the Costs of the Arbitration itself, which amounted to about $50,000.

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