Monday, March 21, 2022

Tennessee Guard Members Safe Despite Russian Reports

Two Current Members and One former Member, of the Tennessee National Guard, are Safe and Accounted for, despite a Russian Newspaper’s False report that the Men were killed while Fighting in Ukraine.

All Three Men named in a Russian News Report are Alive.

No U.S. Military Personnel are currently on Orders in Ukraine, National Guard Bureau Spokesperson, Wayne Hall, said in a Phone Interview.

The False Claim began circulating Thursday, after the Russian Newspaper Pravda published a Story and Tweets claiming the Three Americans, whom it identified by Name and as “mercenaries,” had been “eliminated.”

It cited a Pro-Russian Militia in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region, which said it had Identified the Deceased using a Tennessee Flag and other Personal Belongings left in a Backpack near the remains.

In response to the False story, Tennessee National Guard Spokesman Lt. Col. Marlin Malone, said Friday, that the Military had Confirmed the named Individuals’ whereabouts and “they are not in Ukraine.”

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